The Most Challenging One-Day Motorcycle Race in the World on electric motorcycle


Alta Motors competes at the Erzberg Rodeo

Alta Motors, a leader in performance electric motorcycles, will make two-wheel history as the first electric motorcycle factory race team to compete  at the Erzberg Rodeo. Ty Tremaine and Lyndon Poskitt will ride the next generation of Alta’s popular off-road Redshift to compete against gas- bike competitors. By entering the Erzberg Rodeo, Alta continues to prove that its electric motorcycles are capable of competing at the highest level.

“Having the opportunity to make history by riding the first electric is an honor,” commented Ty Tremaine.


Part of the Red Bull Hard Enduro Series, Erzberg Rodeo is a 35 km race in the mountains of Austria where riders attempt to summit steep hillclimbs and daunting obstacles such as rock beds, boulder fields, and slick, wooded sections. Over 2,000 riders attempt to qualify for 500 starting slots in the main event. Only a small handful go on to finish the race within the four-hour time limit. 


“After challenging Erzberg on a rally bike last year, I’m eager to see what I can accomplish on a premium bike that is designed specifically for this environment,” said Lyndon Poskitt.


This will be Ty’s first time tackling Erzberg, but his experience as a two-time X Games Finals competitor will certainly help him deal with the“Iron Mountain.”



“We built the Redshift to compete head-to-head with the best gas bikes in the most brutal environments in the world. The Erzberg extreme enduro is the place to demonstrate that,” said Alta Motors Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, Derek Dorresteyn. “The race comes at a time when electric bikes are struggling for acceptance in international competition. We are grateful that the Erzberg organizers share our belief that competition should be about advancing technology—not restricting it—and that they are providing a platform to demonstrate that electrics should have the right to compete.”



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