AMA and KTM announce winner of KTM 530 EXC in 2009 AMA/KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Is it possible to do what you love and get rewarded for it at the same time? For American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) member Paul Calder of Burbank, Calif., participation in last year’s AMA/KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series paid off handsomely. Calder, who entered the Barstow-to-Vegas event, won the drawing for the 2010 KTM 530 EXC from sponsor KTM North America. The drawing included participants in all the events on the national calendar.

‘I’m speechless,’ Calder said. ‘I still don’t really believe it. If it had been any bike, great, but a KTM? That’s a dream bike. I’ve never had the chance to ride one, but I see everyone riding them. And the 530 EXC? That’s pretty much the dream machine for dual sporting. I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

KTM North America Inc. President Jon-Erik Burleson hopes Calder gets a chance to find out more about the 530 EXC soon.

‘The essence of the AMA/KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series is to enjoy trail riding with friends, family and other off-road motorcyclists,’ Burleson said. ‘By giving away a bike, we extend our warmest wishes to Paul and hope that he uses this opportunity to spend more time with friends on the trail and to attend more dual-sporting events in his future.’

Calder is a long-time dual-sport rider. He is drawn to the seclusion of the backwoods and the access that off-road motorcycles provide.

‘I mainly enjoy the trail aspect of dual-sporting,’ Calder said. ‘I like singletrack, being able to go places that you can’t get to on a quad or can’t hike to as quickly. I get to see places that I never imagined were just outside of L.A., and there’s no way to get there in a reasonable amount of time unless you’re on a dual-sport bike.’

Events on the AMA/KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series calendar are already one of the best deals in off-road. For a reasonable entry fee, participants can ride hundreds of miles of trail and backroads in some of the most breathtaking areas of the United States, all supplemented by the local knowledge of the long-time clubs and riders.

The 530 EXC won by Calder is one of KTM’s many competition-oriented dual-sport motorcycles. Sharing parts and design with the off-road and motocross competition models, the EXC line is engineered to withstand the rigors of the toughest off-road motorcycle competition in the world. However, the 530 EXC is also 50-state legal in the United States, making it one of the most versatile off-road bikes on any showroom floor. For more on KTM’s line of off-road, dual-sport and street motorcycles, see

Designed for off-road riders, the AMA/KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series features weekend events, with one-day rides optional, that include riding on everything from gravel backroads to enduro-level singletrack that challenges riders of all skill levels.

The 2010 AMA KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series, which will award another KTM dual-sport motorcycle to one lucky rider, kicks off on May 1-2 in Renfro Valley, Ky. There are events

scheduled in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, New Hampshire, Illinois, Indiana, California, Virginia, Alabama, Arizona and New Jersey. For the full schedule, see the Riding section of

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About KTM
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