After a third in the morning qualifying sessions, Rocky Mountain ATV MC/KTM’s Blake Baggett grabbed the holeshot and led the 450 pack into the day’s motos. Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb tried to latch onto the back of Baggett, but Blake’s almost two-second-faster lap times and an early mistake from Tomac allowed the number four to pull out a sizable lead. From there, the battle between second and fifth ensued between Webb, Anderson, Tomac and Roczen. A big mistake from Webb threw him off the bike and put him further back in the top ten. By the end of the moto, Marvin Musquin and Zach Osborne found their ways past Roczen for fourth and fifth. Blake Baggett eventually won the moto with a ten second lead over Jason Anderson in second and Eli Tomac rebounded from his fall to finish third. Here’s how the rest of the 450 class stacked up in moto one at High Point: (For extended coverage of the 2019 High Point National MX, click here).

450 Moto One

1 Blake Baggett
2 Jason Anderson
3 Eli Tomac
4 Marvin Musquin
5 Zach Osborne
6 Ken Roczen
7 Cooper Webb
8 Joey Savatgy
9 Justin Bogle
10 Justin Barcia
11 Dean Ferris
12 Tyler Bowers
13 Henry Miller
14 Benny Bloss
15 Fredrik Noren
16 Ben LaMay
17 Jake Masterpool
18 Lorenzo Locurcio
19 Toshiki Tomita
20 John Short
21 Jared Lesher
22 James Weeks
23 Kyle Chisholm
24 Isaac Teasdale
25 Felix Lopez
26 Coty Schock
27 Jeremy Hand
28 Jeremy Smith
29 Tristan Lane
30 Jacob Runkles
31 Timothy Crosby
32 Bradley Esper
33 Heath Harrison
34 Nick Fratz
35 Dakota Kessler
36 Levi Kilbarger
37 Robert Piazza
38 Taiki Koga
39 Mathias Jorgensen
40 Tyler Stepek

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