We’re not sure if Yamaha ever envisioned the true versatility of the TT-R110. The product planning group probably saw it as an entry -level bike for preteens. And it certainly is a good fit in that world.  But there’s a cult of adult pit bike riders who see the TT-R as something completely different. Gary Gardner and the crew at Simi Valley Cycles teamed up with BBR, Pro Circuit and a few other industry-leading companies to transform a stock 2022 Yamaha TT-R110 into the ultimate adult pit bike.

Job one for a high-end pit bike build is making it fit an adult. Designed specifically for taller riders, the Pro Circuit top triple clamp and bar mounts are CNC machined out of billet aluminum with an anodized finish. BBR mini handlebars are constructed out of T-6 aluminum and have been developed to be the perfect fit for MX-style riding for adult riders on pit bikes. Next, you gotta make the suspension suitable for someone who might well be double the weight of the intended rider. BBR front-fork damping rods replace the stock damping rods to increase travel and provide increased damping control for adult-sized riders. The damping rods slow rebound and increase compression damping for a firmer, more controlled ride.

Pro Circuit has T6 exhaust systems for most pit bikes.

The single most elaborate piece on this particular build is the BBR aluminum swingarm. You could hang it in your living room. In fact, virtually all the parts are art.  Supersprox aluminum sprockets are machined out of 7075 T-6 alloy with a lightweight, grooved tooth design and available in a variety of colors. The Throttle Syndicate gripper seat is made in-house to match the custom graphics with durable, rubberized gripper material and additional traction ribs. The BBR handmade skid plate protects the entire undercarriage of the engine from damage and is made from high-quality aluminum for durability. Pro Circuit engine plug kits are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized blue and hand-polished for a true works look.

Pure art. The BBR swingarm is a thing of beauty.


Mitas has a full range of pit bike tires.


The only real problem with a build like this is that  you don’t want to ride it when it’s done–it’s too nice. And no matter what, you gotta hide it from your kids.










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