Radius CX: Rekluse is renowned for their auto clutch technology. Through years of development, we have fine-tuned the performance of the auto clutch to give the rider more control and a more connected feel. Radius CX is our most recent premier auto clutch system, incorporating all of Rekluse’s technology into one package. The Radius CX utilizes TorqDrive friction disk technology, which gives the rider a better connection to the rear wheel, better power transfer and a longer-lasting, more stable clutch pack. The Radius CX is also optimized to provide the rider a lever feel that’s nearly identical to OEM in both stiffness and function. This system is a complete billet replacement for the inner clutch hub and pressure plate assembly. This kit also comes with a complete clutch pack and durable billet clutch cover.     Price: $999 (most models)

TorqDrive Clutch Pack: The newest addition to our product line is the TorqDrive clutch pack that drops into your OEM components and delivers a high-performance result. This simple upgrade provides an average of 25 percent more torque capacity at the rear wheel while decreasing lever-pull effort by an average of 10 percent. Power control is increased, and clutch fade is virtually eliminated. Everything fits under your OEM clutch cover, but adding a billet Rekluse cover is always an option. A guaranteed performance increase is as easy as swapping your clutch plates. Price: $249–$349

Core Manual TorqDrive: We have also developed a line of performance manual (standard) clutches. The Core Manual TorqDrive is Rekluse’s premier manual clutch system. The system includes a billet center hub and pressure plate, which increases durability and moves more oil through the clutch. The TorqDrive’s thin friction disk technology allows 8–12 friction disks to fit in the clutch, depending on the bike model. Together, these technologies provide up to 40 percent more torque capacity at the rear wheel while increasing rider control and providing a lighter, smoother lever feel. The TorqDrive friction disks utilize a steel core design, which eliminates clutch fade and the inconsistencies of standard friction disks. Keeping everything safe is a durable, low-profile billet clutch cover.  Price: $899 (most models)
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