Perhaps one of the most dramatic photos ever taken from the Daytona Supercross was in 1984 and captured by the incredible David Dewhurst. Johnny O’Mara hit the finish line jump tapped, in a full blown assault to overtake Ricky Johnson. His leap was monumental! But here’s the quote from Ricky Johnson that tells the picture “All the respect for O’Show, but no one remembers that I caught and passed him on the last lap and he sent it over the finish. We were both wide open and I slammed on the brakes. Still got second to David Bailey. Good times.”



“Supercross Returns to Hawaiʻi”

The long awaited return of the Hawaiian Supercross is now scheduled for May 11th 2019. This  event will feature riders from around the globe all gathering at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Oʻahu. Just one week after the highly anticipated Monster X Tour event, the Aloha Stadium will be transformed into a world class Supercross track.

The promoters are putting together a great list of riders and so far  will have Daytona Supercross winner Justin Brayton, Mike Alessi, Josh Hill and many more to be announced soon commented Sports Organizer Eric Peronnard.

Daniel Torgerson CEO of the Hawaiian Supercross stated “We’re very excited to be bringing Supercross back to Hawaiʻi. It’s hard to believe that nearly 20 years have passed since the last Hawaiian Supercross event—we’re genuinely thrilled that now the people of Hawaiʻi will have an opportunity to experience an action packed evening up close and personal with top professional athletes.

TICKET INFORMATION: ON-SALE Friday, March 22nd at 10:00 am HST… _Advance discount tickets are available online at, by phone at 1-800-745-3000, or at the Aloha Stadium Box Office

The latest information may be found at or visit



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How many off-road riders can do this? Dag, was Taylor watching our training tips?





Darrin Chapman captured this incredible shot of Stew Baylor blowing through carnage in his charge to win the Alligator Enduro!


Love the comments








Mika Metals Raw Series handlebars

Mika Metals Raw Series Handlebars are engineered for maximum comfort with an oversized non-crossbar design. T6 7075 Aluminum construction and unique tapering allows the handlebars to have increased strength and maintain optimal amounts of flex that reduce arm fatigue. The Raw Series Handlebars are available in twelve different bends and seven bar pad colors. Use these handlebars with Mika Metals Grips for a customized rider cockpit. Price: $109.99


Grip Savers are designed to keep your grips free of dirt and oil when you are not riding. When you are working on your bike, you want to prevent grease from getting on the grips causing them to become slippery and oily. Made out of the same neoprene material we know and love, with a simple wrap around and Velcro together will keep your grips clean and muck free. Only available in black for $9.95.


Slaven’s Racing offers Motorcycle Grip Protectors by G2

Protect grip ends with a securely mounted system. The G2 Grip Protectors are the best way to keep your grips looking and working great fall after a fall! That’s right. One tip over at slow speed (even off your bike stand!), and you can easily rip the end off your grips. This is easily solved with our grip protectors. An additional benefit is on the throttle side. When your right side handlebar end is touching the ground, the throttle can be held wide open. The grip protector allows the throttle to snap shut and deceases the chance of injury or engine failure due to a stuck throttle.

Retail $29.95- Now $25.45 

Save weight and improve grip with the two-piece design Moose Racing Qualifier foot pegs. The CNC machined aluminum body of the Qualifier foot peg reduces weight while the stainless steel footplate provides excellent grip and durability. A rubber damper between the stainless steel footplate and aluminum body helps to reduce vibration and absorb impact. Want fresh foot peg teeth without having to buy a complete set of foot pegs? Replacement stainless steel footplate kits are available. Qualifier foot peg suggested retail $102.95. Replacement footplate kit suggested retail $24.95.



mjsmotophotos sent us some shots from the recent WORCS event at Canyon MX in Arizona. Taylor Roberts dominated, Dante Oliveira took second and Andrew Short rounded out the podium. Here’s a few to view. If you’re interested go to  for a look at the galleries.

Taylor hauling the mail on a freshly groomed bit of trail.
Dante Oliveira took home second place in the pro division.
Andrew Short is getting the hang of WORCS racing and finished in third place.



Czecho ISDE, 1991. We got to Czechoslovakia the week prior to the event held in Považská, Bystrica. I rented a KTM 300 and here I’m installing my suspension, bars and a few do-dads that I brought from the states. This machine was incredible, I had raced one all year in the qualifier series and made the team- even though I raced the last two events with a destroyed shoulder. Jeff Spencer was a good friend and he worked on me for months, just so that I could lift my left arm. I was at his office 5-days a week doing therapy, and Jeff made me ride a Life Cycle for hours on end just to stay fit. I had DNF’d the year prior in Sweden at the last Special test on day five and within spitting distance of the finish. I was hugely determined in Czecho to finish and get a medal. At the time my fitness was stellar, I loved the bike and ended up getting a Silver Medal. Check out the clogs! Dick Burleson got me hooked on them and I wore them for years, in spite of the crap I took from my friends!

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