After a year of development, refinement and testing we are ready to present the new TAG METALS. The all new redesigned Tag Metals product line will include a complete range of new hi performance race replica Handlebars in 3 models, 7 bends, 3 Grips, Countershaft and Rear Sprockets, Race Chains, Aluminum Throttle Tubes, and several new accessories to start. Several additional new products are planned for phase 2 in fall this year

Tag Metals Replica handlebars


Tag Metals Race Sprockets


Tag Rebound Grips


Tag Metals Race Chain

Tag Metals is now accepting 2018 USA rider resumes at 2 websites:



About Tag Metals …..Tag Metals was born from a passion for performance and innovative. Fueled and relaunched this year with that same commitment, the new Tag Metals offers a complete range of hi performance racing off road motorcycle handlebars, grips, sprockets, chains and accessories. Now part of the Group 6 USA family of brands that now include Matrix Concepts, Atlas Braces USA & Tag Metals; Based in Valencia, California. Our products are used and developed by the top MX/Off-Road/Cycling race teams in the world. For more Tag Metals information please contact us at [email protected] or telephone 661 253 1592. Visit us at: www.tagmetalsracing.com  In Canada contact: Matrix Concepts Canada at (604) 542 – 5661

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