In episode 2 of SLAMLife Adventures we take a look at the SLR Honda team as they race the San Felipe 250 down in Baja California, Mexico. Mark Samuels, Justin Morgan, and Justin Jones take home the first win of the series and the momentum to achieve more success at the Baja 500. We also dive into who team rider Justin Morgan is and what he does to keep his racing dream alive! We hope you enjoy this episode!

If you want to see more of the “SLAM LIFE ADVENTURES” check out the video below!

In Episode 1 of SLAMLife Adventures, we take a look at the SLR Honda team as they race the Mint 400 and prepare for the start of the SCORE International Series in Baja California, Mexico. It was the return of the bikes for the first time since 1976 so the Mint 400 surely brought out some of the best off-road racers out there. Team Owner Mark Samuels and teammates Justin Jones and Justin Morgan will start their journey strong for this 2019 season.


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