Ride Engineering 2013 RM250Z/450Z & 2013 KTM SX/XC Triple Clamps are in stock now: msrp $479.95


Ride Engineering has newly designed triple clamps for the 2013 RMZs to accommodate the larger 48mm SSF fork with a new feature that allows the installation of Showa steering Dampener. They are available in 20mm offset for the 450 and 22mm offset for the 250Z.


We also have a new clamp with our most popular 20.5mm offset available for the new 2013 front fender that is found on all KTM SX/EC models. And just like our previous clamps, a Showa steering dampener can be installed.


The material of the upper clamp (2024AL) has also been upgraded to match the lower clamp. This premium aerospace alloy has 25% more strength and 25% more flexibility than the 6061 aluminum used by most of our competitors (at a 25% higher cost).  This material allows us to keep our clamps looking sleek so they save weight without sacrificing strength. It also allows them to flex with the front suspension providing a better ride. 


     2013 RM450 STEERING

                                         HEAD BRACKET

                                         P.N.: RM-SHSB3-00

                                         MSRP: $99.95



2013 RM450Z P.N.: RM-BTB43-RA RED               2013 KTM SX/XC P.N.: KT-BTB43-GE ORANGE

2013 RM450Z P.N.: RM-BTB43-BA BLACK         2013 KTM SX/XC P.N.: KT-BTB43-BA BLACK          

2013 RM250Z P.N.: RM-BTB23-BA BLACK

2013 RM250Z P.N.: RM-BTB23-RA RED


CONTACT INFO: www.ride-engineering.com or [email protected] 800 805 1516


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