This weeks Off-Road Testing and Tales from the Trail (OTTT) showcases Dicks Racing’s incredible GasGas 300, more trail time on HQV FE501 and some products that are getting abused on our ’21 KTM 500EXC.

The Dicks Racing GasGas EX300 Cross Country machine has been fit with his engine modifications, a complete suspension revival along with a gaggle of cool products. Power wise Dick installed a GET Injector relocator, a GET ECU, Dicks Porting and head work all targeting retaining the good bottom, but looking to give it a major boost from mid to top. He uses a Scalvini exhaust feeling it gives off a smoother band of juice than the stocker.
Our Ryan Koch rides a KTM 300XC as his regular steed and came away impressed with the Dicks GasGas machine. He said it pulls where his bike signs off, and with some serious snort.
Dicks suspension targets a more versatile setup for both the air fork and the WP rear end. He fits one side of the fork with a spring, a new cartridge and Ryan felt it was plusher and more planted than the stock front damper.


Our Husky FE501 continues to impress with the broad, bottom pull and suspension that targets the trail/woods rider. Here’s Ryan in mountains after a recent snow storm.
The FE501’s ability to chug and lug is a major plus, the handling and suspension are relaxed and good for rocky terrain.

Wolf on his 500EXC. He popped on his suspension (Kreft), raised the bars and fit it with an FMF Q for the trail work that he likes.
This rocky trail is called Weed out and we normally go up it. T-Dub’s the EXC had less than 3 miles on it when we hit the fun zone.
Bridgestone’s E50R is DOT legal and is a seriously versatile rear tire! We’re testing in it on the KTM 500EXC and it’s holding up well.
The Realtor (BP) takes his Rekluse equipped FE450 through the Emerald forest. This machine rates as one of the best dual sporters ever!

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