We teased this build with Moto Whips last week on social media during our coverage of 2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm just because we couldn’t hold it in any longer. On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you the first official look at the 2020 Husqvarna TC125 built by Justin Myerson and the crew at Moto Whips. Our video department has been working lots of overtime lately so we  packed 2-Stroke Theater full of RAW edits from the 2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm and threw in a bonus Yamaha YZ125 RAW Supercross video with test rider Robbie Wageman. If you are a fan of 125cc build check out the exclusive link at the bottom of this post to an insane CR125 build we did with Moto Whips a few years back.

There are so many things to point out on this Husqvarna TC125 build appropriately named “Ms. Behavin” we could be here all day! WP Pro components replaced the stock shock and fork and Moto Whips gave them the royal treatment from there with coatings and a complete internal rebuild. Just a handful of companies used on this build include Hinson Racing, Motostuff, Pro Circuit, Decal Works, DID, Dubya USA, Renthal, AEO Powersports, Nihilo Concepts, P3 Carbonand Dunlop.

The front brake caliper was coated in-house by Moto Whips and also features a Motostuff oversized rotor kit. Yes that is titanium hardware from Metec Titanium you see.

The frame was completely stripped and the raw look you see now is the result of almost a half dozen steps. When they explained it to us we got a headache. To get all the details on how it was done contact them because we don’t have enough room to write it all out. Or better yet just let them do it for you.

This Husky TC125 has so much eye candy you can spend hours just admiring it.  The cylinder was modified by MW internally and a Vforce reed system was added externally. Most of the OEM hardware holding the engine together was replaced with titanium units from Metec. The ignition cover is billet aluminum made custom by Nihilo Concepts and the carbon fiber is from P3 Carbon.

These pegs from Nihilo will definitely keep you feet in place. Trust us we saw what they did to Justin’s brand new vans and it was not pretty. Funny to watch his reaction though.

If you think this thing looks good in pictures you gotta see it in person! The attention to detail is mind blowing!

Ceramic coatings done in-house at MW, Metec Titanium hardware, Hinson billet aluminum components, Pro Circuit performance products, carbon fiber from P3 Carbon and WP Pro components yep just another average build from Moto Whips!



If you like the build by Moto Whips featured this week than you have to check out the first 125cc build we did with  Justin and the crew a few years back! Click the image below for more.


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