Randy and Scott from Michelin give us the information on the all-new Starcross 6 off-road tire lineup that features the Silica technology.

STARCROSS 6 SAND: Produced specifically for use in sandy terrain, the Michelin Starcross 6 Sand tire features a unique scoop-looking design with the largest amount of space between the tread block in the entire line. Michelin’s Adaptive Design technology offers a balance of grip and handling for the front tire and grip/traction and longevity for the rear due to specific positioning of the central, intermediate and lateral tread blocks in the three key zones of the tire.

STARCROSS 6 MEDIUM SOFT: Probably one of the most popular tires as far as usage in the Starcross 6 line is the Medium/Soft. This tire shares a tread pattern similar to the Medium/Hard and features all the same technologies, but has a wider tread-block spacing, allowing the knobs to dig in deeper for improved traction on loamy surfaces.

STARCROSS 6 HARD: The Starcross 6 Hard features a lower tread-block design with minimal spacing (least amount in the entire Starcross 6 line)  between the tread blocks for optimal traction on hard surfaces and utilizing the Michelin Adaptive technology. Used for the first time on a Michelin motocross tire, the Starcross 6’s entire line features Silica technology, which offers long-lasting grip and improvements in tire life compared to compounds without the technology.

For more information on the complete line of Michelin Starcross 6 tires, head over to www.michelinman.com.

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