The Leatt GPX 5.5 neck brace is all new and is designed to balance the need for comfort with safety by enhancing the freedom of movement via adjustability. The 5.5 features lowered side areas below the ear that increases comfort and wearability. Both the front and the back feature a new split design that promotes broader dissipation of energy transmitted to the body and have new molded padding for increased comfort. The semi-rigid chassis is flexible and adjustable enough to fit most riders’ body shape, while the structure remains rigid enough to help transmit energy during an impact. There are multiple fracture points and crumple zones that will bend or break away at pre-determined stress levels for increased rider safety. The new and improved CoreFlex rear thoracic strut targets comfort and has an engineered fracture point at the top that allows it to break away in certain severe impacts. The injected foam padding is more durable and easier to clean than ever before and designed to accommodate custom sticker kits
POSITIVE: The big news with the 5.5 is the comfort level of the brace. We notice it less, feel far less intrusion with lower hanging helmets (this seemed to be an issue with the GPX Carbon Pro with certain helmets), and now moto without the occasional helmet clank of the GPX Carbon Pro. Basically, Leatt redesigned the hinge/latch system on the sides to a push-button release system that is located under the right front part of the brace (instead of the side-latch system). Doing this allowed them to lower the sides of the brace approximately 20mm while keeping the front and rear tables relatively the same heights as on the other models. This change allows more range of motion with the helmet laterally, and for that one reason we like it better.
NEGATIVE: In a direct comparison to other Leatt neck braces, we come up almost empty…we would like a lighter model—maybe a Carbon Pro 5.5?
BOTTOM LINE: To the neck-brace-enlightened, all of the changes to the Leatt are positive, as is the $369 price tag. For staffers, who are constantly wearing different gear (and this includes helmets), the 5.5 is much improved in comfort, in versatility (with body, neck and helmet builds) and the adjustability is still off the charts. The result? We wear it constantly since our fitment and comfort issues have been erased. Good job, Leatt

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