The Fly Windproof Technical jersey is a high-end garment designed to offer protection from wind, cold and water penetration without the restriction of a jacket and in the comfort and mobility of a jersey. The Fly WT uses a special arm and chest (front) material that blocks the elements, but breathable back and armpit panels to exhaust the heat. It is designed as a cooler-weather, high-intensity action-sports jersey.
POSITIVE: Every single off-roader on the planet needs to keep one of these jerseys in their gear bag! It’s super lightweight and is the perfect choice for “should I wear a jacket, a vest, two jerseys, it may rain and I don’t want to freeze, but I need to be able to move around” kind of weather. We’ve been testing the Fly WT jersey for the last few months where SoCal desert weather ranges from the high 30s to the mid 60s during the winter, and this garment wards off the cold nicely and keeps our core and arms from feeling the bite of frigid conditions. Here’s the skinny in comparison to donning even a lightweight jacket—you have dramatically more rider mobility. We wear a vest with the WT jersey, along with a long-sleeve base layer, and feel that we can withstand some decently cold temps because, as we all know, if you’re truly riding the nasties, you’re going to be working hard and a jacket will kill you with heat buildup. But after the tough riding of any transfer zone, you’ll freeze. The WT jersey and vest combo works for us.
NEGATIVE: There are two, and that’s the $74.95 price tag and the ease in which you can tear the garment. It is not meant to be a jacket where you can slam-dance through manzanita, but the sleeves will tear when abused.
BOTTOM LINE: Get one and suck it up when you throw it on your Visa card. One ride when the weather gods are dancing in the extremes and you’ll be pumped that you kept the Fly Windproof Technical jersey in your gear bag. o

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