KR4 Arrive & Ride Joins The                                          Kenda AMA National Enduro Series

All-Inclusive Packages: With our top-level packages, KR4 provides riding gear, tires, parts, fuel and transportation of the bike, race prep, a mechanic and hospitality at the track.  We also provides pit support at the open checks on race day, leaving virtually nothing for the racer to do but show up and ride! You can ride your own bike, or there is the opportunity to lease a fully tricked-out KR4 machine. This option works especially well for those riders who may not have the means to prep a bike, load the trailer, and hit the road to each round. It also allows the serious racer a couple extra days of riding and training at home instead of working on bikes.

Bike Transportation Packages: Do you already have your own personal bike dialed in and you just need to get it from race to race? KR4 Performance is here to help! For a very reasonable fee, KR4 will deliver your bike to the event without any hassle. Once you get to the event, just pick your bike up from the KR4 tent and enjoy the rest of your race weekend with you own pit crew. On Sunday afternoon, return your bike to KR4 on your way out and leave the rest to us.

With these two choices and every option in between, KR4 completely caters to your unique requirements. If you need help getting to a single event or have dreams of doing an entire season like a factory star, KR4 is the solution!

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