Day Four:
Today was the same route as yesterday. It started raining last night. Poured all night. Sure enough we got out there and it was unbelievably slimy. The British riders loved it, but it was terrible for the California guys. I was pretty lucky today. The Trophy Riders take off first and after watching a few of them barely make certain sections, they roped it off and the rest of us got to go around two or three of the impossible sections. It is going to be a nightmare at the jury meeting tonight. Some trophy riders went the easy way and some went the hard way. Last I heard they were going to throw out half the checks because of that. The special tests were a huge factor today. It was so slippery, almost like grease. An Italian rider broke his leg in one of those tests. At least two of the tests were impossible, you could shift through all the gears and still go nowhere.

Race Notes:Randy Hawkins and Paul Krause are both on YZ400?s. Paul got pulled over and sound tested on the trail and got penalized. Randy bought a new muffler and then asked if he could put it on the bike and he was working on it in the impound area and was sound tested as well. Right now, the overall theme seems to be fear of disqualification. I?m worried because today I had to replace a chain guide. The bike wouldn?t roll, so I scooted it forward and took off the chain guide. I thought afterwards, that they may have thought I was working on the bike after impound. I will find out tonight, but I?m worried about it.

Trophy Team Update
Italy is leading and the USA team is mid pack

Scooter Mania All night it is a constant buzz of scooters. It makes it difficult to sleep.

Food Note #2 I?ve had enough cold cuts and hard bread to last me a lifetime. I?ve now been forced to hunt for Chinese food in town. It seems to make more sense to me.

I will keep you posted after Day Five tommorow. As for now, Adios, from Spain

Ron Lawson.


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