Rockstar Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker earned his fourth AMA EnduroCross championship with a third-place finish at the sixth and final round of the 2020 series at Glen Helen raceway. Cody Webb finished the series in second place, eight points back riding the FactoryOne Sherco. FMF KTM’s Trystan Hart was just one point behind Webb in the final standings.

A third-place finish at the final round was enough to earn Colton Haaker his fourth AMA EnduroCross championship. Photo Diahann Tanke
These three were at the center of the action throughout the EnduroCross series. Photo Diahann Tanke

As for the final race of the season, it was Hart that took the overall win for the day with 1-2-1 results. It was his second win of the season. Webb finished second overall with 2-1-2 finishes and Haaker rounded out the overall podium with 3-3-3 results.

Hart earned another Fox Holeshot in moto one with Haaker, Abbott, Gerston and Webb in hot pursuit. Webb eventually worked his way up to second and kept Hart honest but had to settle for the runner up spot. Haaker rode conservatively, just needing a sixth overall for the day to lock up the title. Beta’s Max Gerston battled with Abbott for much of the moto and eventually took fourth with Abbott fifth.

Cody Webb finished second at the final round and edged out Hart for second in the championship. The three-time champion improved his speed during the series. Photo Diahann Tanke


Trystan Hart won his second career win and finished the series in third on the FMF KTM. Photo: Jack Jaxson

In the second moto, which inverts the moto one results for gate picks, Spenser Wilton took the holeshot on his KTM and led the riders through the first lap. Webb was the first of the top riders to work through the pack and he took over the lead at the end of lap two. Haaker and Hart both had problems on the first lap putting them at the back of the pack. Webb opened a small gap and Hart passed Haaker as they eventually worked their way up to second and third position and they finished in that order. Gerston finished fourth and Kepple rounded out the top five.

The inverted second Moto start always presents some chaos for the front runners. Photo Diahann Tanke

Hart and Webb were now tied going into the final moto and it was Hart that again took the Fox holeshot. Haaker was second entering the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC rock garden but Webb shot past and into second. Haaker turned up the pressure and made a pass on Webb and held the position for a couple of laps before Webb could work his way back into second. Webb made a big push to close the gap on Hart and was able to make a last-lap pass attempt when Hart got stuck on the IRC tire climb. Webb fell off the bike in the final corner but recovered for second in the moto and overall. Haaker rode another conservative race to finish third in the moto and overall for the day. That was plenty to earn him the 2020 championship.

Colton Haaker- the 2020 EnduroCross champion. Photo Diahann Tanke
Shelby Turner celebrates her fourth Women’s EnduroCross championship with the KTM team. Photo: Jack Jaxson
Tyler Smith (center), Shelby Turner (right) and Joshua Smith battled for the Amateur/Intermediate championship and finished the race and series in that same order. They each had two wins during the six race series. Photo: Jack Jaxson
Ryan Gouveia won the final race and Vet 35+ championship over Craig Thompson (left). Dan Hayakawa finished third at the final round. Photo: Jack Jaxson

2020 Glen Helen AMA Super EnduroCross Round 6 Overall Results
  1. Trystan Hart, 1-2-1, KTM
  2. Cody Webb, 2-1-2, Sherco
  3. Colton Haaker, 3-3-3, Husqvarna
  4. Max Gerston, 4-4-6, Beta
  5. Noah Kepple, 7-5-4, Husqvarna
  6. Cooper Abbott, 5-7-5, KTM
  7. Cory Graffunder, 6-6-7, Yamaha
  8. William Riordan, 8-9-9, KTM
  9. Ryder Leblond, 10-8-10, KTM
  10. Ty Cullins, 11-10-8, TM
  11. Spencer Wilton, 9-12-11, KTM
  12. Branden Petrie, 12-11-13, KTM
  13. Anthony Johnson, 13-15-12, KTM
  14. Daniel Lewis, 14-13-14, Husqvarna
  15. Adam Hartnagel, 15-14-15, KTM
2020 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Super EnduroCross Championship Results
  1. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna, 139
  2. Cody Webb, Sherco, 131
  3. Trystan Hart, KTM, 130
  4. Cooper Abbott, KTM, 105
  5. Cory Graffunder, Yamaha, 90
  6. Noah Kepple, Husqvarna, 88
  7. Max Gerston, Beta, 85
  8. Ty Cullins, TM, 68
  9. William Riordan, KTM, 68
  10. Ryder Leblond, KTM, 61

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