In these days of regimented tires designed for very specific jobs, the Maxxis Maxxcross IT fits nicely into the “do-it-all yet high wear and likes intermediate terrain” tire. We’ve been running them hard for several years now, mainly sticking to the off-road side of the environment. The Maxxcross IT rear features good spacing, meaning that it likes loose conditions, yet the knobs are stacked close enough that it won’t let go too easily on harder packed terrain. But the best news is the rubber content; it’s flexible enough to yield under duress and reward the rider with good old-fashioned traction, yet it’s tough enough to offer excellent durability.

      Over the last few months we’ve been flogging a 19-inch version of the Maxxcross IT on our RM-Z450. The tire has seen our off-road test loop, which is sandy, pocketed with rocks and has small amounts of hard pack plus hammering three motocross tracks in the Southern California area. Every time we ride with this tire it goes up on the food chain. It wears tougher than just about any current high-end tire out there. In the loose to semi-hard soil world it bites really well and holds its own better than most Intermediate compounds when the going gets cement hard. Our only snivel is the weight, which is noticeable when compared to either a Dunlop D756 or a Bridgestone 402 (?). The bottom line with the picky Dirt Bike staff is this; if we were going off-road racing and had no idea what the conditions would be-the Maxxis Maxxcross would get the nod. She’s a great choice.

Price: We couldn’t find a retail price but them online from $65-75 dollars.

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