Broc Tickle has been cleared to ride Supercross for the 2020 season and has joined FXR Racing. The press release from FXR follows:

FXR Racing  proudly announces a partnership with Broc Tickle to compete in the 2020 AMA Supercross and Motocross Championships.

“Broc is a premiere rider in the 450 class and we are excited for him to join our team. Broc handled himself professionally through a very difficult situation and we’re happy to see him racing. We’ll do everything we can to help him achieve his goals as he begins a fresh start to his career.” – Milt Reimer, Owner, Creative Director.

“I’m really excited about joining the FXR family. The brand has made big gains in motocross and I am blown away by the fit and performance of the gear. I am working hard in preparation for my return to racing and I’m excited to have FXR as part of my program.” – Broc Tickle.

Tickle will debut his premium FXR Helium and Revo Racewear at Raymond James Stadium, on February 15th.

About FXR Racing

Fueled by passion, FXR Racing is a globally recognized leader in high-performance racewear. Our athletes, products, and designs are driven by our racing obsession. The company is based in the Midwest with athletes, offices, retail locations, and dealers around the world.

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