On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you the first glimpse at a 2019 TM250 built by the crew over at Black Diamond Moto. Although it looks like it just rolled of the TM Racing assembly line in Italy, Looks can be very deceiving ! We have 2-Stroke theater packed with 250cc off-road and motocross projects while 2-Stroke Hardware features products from Rugged Radio and Dunlop Tires. If you like rare two-strokes that are a little on the exotic side check out our Extreme Carbon machine at the bottom of this post!

The goal on this build was old school factory and at first glance the machine doesn’t look that special but once you take a closer look everything changes. Black Diamond Moto has 99% of the nuts and bolts on this machine replaced with titanium from Race Tech. The engine was tuned by Varner Motorsports and the suspension received tons of attention as well.

Up front in the suspension department a KYB A-Kit  fork assembly is used that features Kashima coated outer fork tubes, DLC coated inner for tubes Zeta billet fork caps w/quick adjuster knobs and integrated air bleed. The shock is OEM from TM with DLC coated rear shock shaft and custom titanium shock spring . All the internal valving and set-up was performed by by Graeme Brough with coatings by Luxon.

Varner Motorsports did all the heavy lifting when it came to internal engine modifications. So the porting, head and power-valve mods along with dyno tuning to optimize jetting and timing specs were done by Terry himself. The VHM billet cylinder head features with interchangeable domes that were all factored into the Varner mods.

Stopping power on this build features a custom vented rear caliper and cross drilled titanium brake piston to reduce overheating, DLC coated titanium brake pins with the sight glass being welded and machined on rear master cylinder. A custom heim joint linkage and return spring on rear master cylinder were teamed with a brake hangar machined to reduce overall weight.

The carbon fiber silencer features a large amount of Pro Circuit internals but the carbon can and brackets were done by Black Diamond Moto.

Bud Racing titanium footpegs make sure that slipping off is not an option. As you can see most of the bolt have been switch out for titanium units.

The VHM head features interchangeable domes and yes those are more Race Tech titanium bolts holding it in place.

Custom Xtrig triple clamps with adjustable 22/24mm offset have Neken adjustable bar mounts and Pro Taper
Kevin Windham bend handlebars

Along with the other engine tweaks a forged Wossner single ring piston was modified by Varner Motorsports teamed with an HGS pipe with custom tuned length carbon fiber silencer.

Type 3 hard anodizing was performed on the Brembo front brake caliper.


Other details about the build are a relocated billet radiator filler neck w/high pressure cap, billet titanium brake tip from JGRMX, custom Graphics by EZ Designs, lightweight pipe hanger bracket from a Honda CR250, lightweight front brake line clamp from a Honda CR250 and modified airbox venting for more mid range power with increased throttle response.



The all new Dunlop Geomax MX53 tires are designed for harder pack soil conditions but feature a new tread pattern and rubber compound that is targeted for improved traction in softer conditions as well. Just like the MX33 the MX53 features block-in-block technology and Dunlops Advanced Apex Design for shock absorption in the sidewalls. The front tire has 1mm taller knobs and a horseshoe block pattern to reduce stiffness allowing the tire to flex.
Contact: Your Local Dunlop Retailer or


Designed to work in most applications with handlebars, this communication kit is ideal for dual-sport or adventure applications. This system allows you to transmit via Push-to-Talk (PTT) over UHF/VHF to fellow riders. Each kit includes a RH5R UHF/VHF 5 Watt Radio, charging station, motorcycle harnes, push to talk handlebar mount, music cable along with a helmet speaker and mic. All you need to add is the rider.




If you have a taste for some more exotic two-stroke flavor check out this Extreme Carbon TM250 project we did. Click the image below for more information!

Extreme Carbon is based in Portugal and has been working with TM USA on a ton of items for over a year now. These are just a few of the items that will be available to the public very soon through TM Racing USA.

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