The new and improved Sand 2 jacket


With this jacket you are in charge, you can upgrade it to your own demands and drive off to anywhere in the world. REV’IT! proudly presents the Sand 2 jacket. As its name indicates this jacket is based on the popular Sand jacket but improved upon the design with a bevy of new features. With this new jacket everything is possible!


Upgrade 1: Safety


You can upgrade this jacket to your own needs and wishes. Thanks to the special integrated loops a neck brace can be attached easily and securely. The Sand 2 is compatible with both the Leatt??® and the MOVEO??® neck brace. In case of the MOVEO??® neck brace you can conveniently attach the brace to the jacket and leave it on while taking the jacket off.


Upgrade 2: Visibility


When riding in the dark or in bad weather connect the Vest connector HV to the jacket with the convenient loops for optimized visibility. The highly visible EN471-certified vest offers enhanced safety.




Upgrade 3: Climate control


When riding in warm weather you can replace the membrane with a Challenger cooling vest insert. The insert can be zipped directly into the outer shell in place of the membrane. The technology is called Hyperkewl?.•. and is based on the same basic endothermic reaction that happens during everyday perspiration. It works by simply absorbing and storing water, and then releasing it over time through the naturally cooling evaporative process.


Upgrade 4: Protection 


The back protector pocket is tailor-made to accommodate the Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV. The Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert is designed to absorb multiple impacts without compromising on comfort, ventilation or freedom of movement. An easy upgrade to maximize safety.





The jacket is lightweight, practical and durable. It features VCS | zippers that increase ventilation by 200%. The zippers are extended on the sleeves allowing for more airflow. The ventilation panel on the chest is adjustable and can be set in three different positions allowing you to choose how much ventilation is wanted.

The wind catcher behind the front zipper blocks the wind to keep you warm, but can be folded back and put into place with spring snaps to allow airflow to enter the jacket via the front zipper.

The visibility has been improved by adding reflection panels and logos on the arms, back and chest. The Sand 2 comes with CE-shoulder and elbow protection, is prepared for a hydra bag and is available in five striking color combinations!

No matter what your plans are; this jacket won?.?ª™t stop you!

Download high-res pictures:
The Sand 2 is available in February 2013


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