Daytona often presents a shift in the direction of each supercross season. It’s different in soil, in layout and in the skills rewarded. Last year it was probably the race that broke Ken Roczen’s championship run prior to the Covid 19 shutdown. Whether that happens again remains to be seen, but Daytona definitely provided a break in the routine, as Eli Tomac led every lap of the main event to become a five-time Daytona winner.  Behind him, Cooper Webb finished second by making a last lap pass on a suddenly revitalized Aaron Plessinger and close in even more on Ken Roczen, who now leads the series by a scant two points. In the 250 class, it was a day of career bests, as Cameron McAdoo took the points lead by besting a two pack of unexpected rivals who held off a charging Justin Cooper. For extended coverage of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season, click here.

450 HEAT 1

Cooper Webb took the first heat over a hard-charging Aaron Plessinger. Photo by Travis Fant.

Cooper Webb jumped straight to the lead with Aaron Plessinger in second. Within a few turns, Justin Barcia passed Plessinger for second, but then could not get away. Chase Sexton was barely inside the top 10 and Dylan Ferrandis was way back.; both were working forward rapidly. On the third lap, Plessinger got back around Barcia, then started pulling away and even closing in on Webb. As the race continued, it looked like Plessinger might actually make a bid for the lead. He never quite got close enough to make it happen, but pulled well clear of Barcia in the process. Chase Sexton caught up to fourth and Dylan Ferrandis had an amazing ride to get up to fifth.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Aaron Plessinger
3 Justin Barcia
4 Chase Sexton
5 Dylan Ferrandis
6 Vince Friese
7 Broc Tickle
8 Max Anstie
9 Joey Savatgy
10 Kyle Chisholm
11 Tyler Bowers
12 Cade Clason
13 Dean Wilson
14 Kevin Moranz
15 Carlen Gardner
16 Fredrik Noren
17 Bobby Piazza
18 Logan Karnow
19 Ronnie Stewart
20 Justin Rando

450 HEAT 2

Ken Roczen started his night with a heat win. Photo by Travis Fant.

Ken Roczen got what looked like an easy holeshot with considerable chaos right behind him. Mitchell Oldenburg emerged with second place with Malcolm Stewart breathing down his neck. Oldenburg got out of shape on the second lap and Stewart moved into second, followed by Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin.  Through most of the race, Stewart looked like he was having no trouble hanging with Roczen, and even got close enough to show his wheel to the point leader.  In the final laps, Stewart faded back, but was never threatened by Eli Tomac or Marvin Musquin.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Malcolm Stewart
3 Eli Tomac
4 Marvin Musquin
5 Justin Bogle
6 Benny Bloss
7 Martin Davalos
8 Jason Anderson
9 Brandon Hartranft
10 Justin Starling
11 Mitchell Oldenburg
12 Jeremy Smith
13 Shane Mcelrath
14 Alex Ray
15 Hunter Sayles
16 AJ Catanzaro
17 Nick Schmidt
18 Henry Miller
19 Alexander Nagy
20 Austin Politelli


If ever there was a race where the first turn was the most decisive point, it was this one. Eli Tomac hugged the inside to pass a number of riders who drifted wide, including Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen. Later, Roczen said that Webb gave him a little extra push into the tuff blocks and all but promised retaliation in Dallas. Nonetheless, Webb emerged in second while Roczen dropped to seventh. Before long, however, Aaron Plessinger caught fire and passed Webb to take second, and then started closing in on Tomac. That set the order for a long stalemate where Roczen was one of the few riders moving forward. He passed Justin Barcia, Malcolm Stewart, Marvin Musquin and finally Chase Sexton to move into fourth behind Webb, then did everything he could to get around his  points rival. In the meantime, both of them were losing ground to Plessinger, who looked like he might have the speed to challenge Tomac for the lead. As the race went on, Tomac finally started to inch away from Plessinger, while the Webb/Roczen battle was joined by Malcolm Stewart. Roczen eventually made a mistake that cost him two places and allowed Webb to concentrate on catching Plessinger. In the final laps, Roczen got back into fourth, but Webb managed to pass Plessinger for second. Tomac, in the meantime, became a five-time Daytona winner.

250 W HEAT 1

Cameron McAdoo led a Pro Circuit parade in heat one. Photo by Travis Fant.

Jalek Swol got to the turn first, but Seth Hammaker took over very quickly. Joey Crown, Pierce Brown and Cameron McAdoo swapped positions for a few turns, but eventually McAdoo shook them all off and set out after his teammate Hammaker. Going into the third lap, McAdoo took over the lead, setting up a Pro Circuit one and two.  Back in the pack for most of the race was Alex Martin, but he eventually climbed up to safely qualify in fifth. Swol and Crown both had trouble in the sand, but Swol landed in seventh while Crown would have to go to the LCQ

1 Cameron McAdoo
2 Seth Hammaker
3 Pierce Brown
4 Jordan Bailey
5 Alex Martin
6 Nate Thrasher
7 Jalek Swoll
8 Coty Schock
9 Chris Blose
10 Joey Crown
11 Jake Masterpool
12 Ryan Surratt
13 Ty Masterpool
14 Ramyller Alves
15 Colton Eigenmann
16 Bradley Lionnet
17 Blaine Silveira
18 Derek Kelley
19 Martin Castelo
20 Robbie Wageman

250 W HEAT 2

Hunter Lawrence got two holeshots in the second heat, which was forced to do a restart. Photo by Travis Fant.

Hunter Lawrence got the start in the second 250 heat, but the race was called back to the line after a number of unrelated crashes–one of which took out Ryan Sipes. On the second start, Lawrence was in front again while Justin Cooper was well outside the top 10. Jordon Smith soon established himself in second while Ryan Sipes shook off his injuries to pressure Mitchell Harrison for third,. The rider who seemed to have the most momentum through most of this race was Stiles Robertson, who picked off rider after rider until he finally found himself in third. Lawrence led the entire race while Justin Cooper put in a workman-like race to move up to  fourth.

1 Hunter Lawrence
2 Jordon Smith
3 Stilez Robertson
4 Justin Cooper
5 Ryan Sipes
6 Garrett Marchbanks
7 Cedric Soubeyras
8 Carson Mumford
9 Jarrett Frye
10 Hardy Munoz
11 Dustin Winter
12 Dominique Thury
13 Chase Marquier
14 Kyle Greeson
15 Jerry Robin
16 Logan Leitzel
17 Mitchell Harrison
18 Jared Lesher
19 Dilan Schwartz
20 Bryton Carroll


Cameron McAdoo is now the 250 W series leader. Photo by Travis Fant.

Husqvarna’s rookie Stilez Robertson took the holeshot and then set sail with Alex Martin in second and Coty Shock in third.  Cameron McAdoo was around sixth while Justin Cooper was nearly last. For much of the race, it looked like Robertson might just pull it off. He was riding flawlessly and pulling away ever so slowly from Martin and Shock. Hunter Lawrence also gated mid-pack and then started piling on mistakes to find himself in 10th.  Even Cooper was struggling, at one point getting into the top 10 only to collide with a tuff block and go back to 14th. Eventually, he settled down and started moving forward. In the meantime, McAdoo caught up to Robertson and made a pass for the lead. From there to the finish, he would not be challenged. In the second half of the race, Martin made a mistake that put him back in 7th and Pierce Brown passed Shock for third. In the final laps, Cooper made a number of attemptsat passing Brown for the final podium position, but couldn’t pull it off. In the end, McAdoo pulled off a career highlight win over Robertson and Brown, both of whom had rides to remember.

1 Cameron McAdoo
2 Stilez Robertson
3 Pierce Brown
4 Justin Cooper
5 Garrett Marchbanks
6 Hunter Lawrence
7 Alex Martin
8 Jalek Swoll
9 Coty Schock
10 Jordon Smith
11 Seth Hammaker
12 Jarrett Frye
13 Hardy Munoz
14 Jordan Bailey
15 Chris Blose
16 Cedric Soubeyras
17 Ty Masterpool
18 Ryan Surratt
19 Carson Mumford
20 Nate Thrasher
21 Ryan Sipes
22 Mitchell Harrison



Even though Roczen was fastest in qualifying, there were seven riders within a second. Photo by Travis Fant.

1 Ken Roczen 1:08.019
2 Dylan Ferrandis 1:08.129
3 Eli Tomac 1:08.260
4 Cooper Webb 1:08.540
5 Marvin Musquin 1:08.613
6 Chase Sexton 1:08.808
7 Jason Anderson 1:08.927
8 Aaron Plessinger 1:09.003
9 Malcolm Stewart 1:09.218
10 Justin Barcia 1:09.223
11 Justin Bogle 1:10.109
12 Dean Wilson 1:10.110
13 Benny Bloss 1:10.144
14 Vince Friese 1:10.251
15 Martin Davalos 1:10.505
16 Joey Savatgy 1:10.542
17 Mitchell Oldenburg 1:10.960
18 Broc Tickle 1:11.003
19 Shane Mcelrath 1:11.413
20 Max Anstie 1:11.849
21 Justin Starling 1:12.579
22 Kyle Chisholm 1:12.688
23 Brandon Hartranft 1:12.866
24 Grant Harlan 1:12.966
25 Jeremy Smith 1:13.006
26 Fredrik Noren 1:13.024
27 Henry Miller 1:13.991
28 Cade Clason 1:14.117
29 Austin Politelli 1:14.134
30 Logan Karnow 1:14.153
31 Nick Schmidt 1:14.317
32 Tyler Bowers 1:14.355
33 Alex Ray 1:14.410
34 Kevin Moranz 1:14.664
35 Aj Catanzaro 1:14.694
36 Carlen Gardner 1:14.893
37 Hunter Sayles 1:14.953
38 Ronnie Stewart 1:14.985
39 Alexander Nagy 1:14.990
40 Justin Rando 1:15.084

41 Bobby Piazza 1:15.844
42 Curren Thurman 1:15.972
43 Mason Kerr 1:15.988
44 Joshua Greco 1:16.000
45 Devin Harriman 1:16.046
46 Joan Cros 1:16.321
47 Vann Martin 1:16.395
48 Scotty Wennerstrom 1:16.849
49 Deven Raper 1:17.285
50 Scott Meshey 1:17.385
51 Chad Saultz 1:17.487
52 Theodore Pauli 1:17.510
53 Austin Cozadd 1:18.753
54 Jonah Geistler 1:18.819
55 Aaron Leininger 1:19.994

450 LCQ

1 Dean Wilson
2 Mitchell Oldenburg
3 Cade Clason
4 Kyle Chisholm
5 Justin Starling
6 Shane Mcelrath
7 Tyler Bowers
8 Kevin Moranz
9 Fredrik Noren
10 Alex Ray
11 Jeremy Smith
12 Carlen Gardner
13 Henry Miller
14 Nick Schmidt
15 Hunter Sayles
16 Logan Karnow
17 Bobby Piazza
18 Aj Catanzaro
19 Alexander Nagy
20 Ronnie Stewart
21 Justin Rando
22 Austin Politelli



Justin Cooper  was fast qualifier of the 250 West division. Photo by Travis Fant.

1 Justin Cooper 1:08.913
2 Cameron Mcadoo 1:09.539
3 Garrett Marchbanks 1:09.916
4 Seth Hammaker 1:10.142
5 Hunter Lawrence 1:10.486
6 Jordan Bailey 1:11.005
7 Stilez Robertson 1:11.151
8 Ty Masterpool 1:11.397
9 Jordon Smith 1:11.422
10 Chris Blose 1:11.457
11 Ryan Sipes 1:11.482
12 Pierce Brown 1:11.714
13 Mitchell Harrison 1:11.841
14 Alex Martin 1:11.886
15 Carson Mumford 1:11.995
16 Jalek Swoll 1:12.402
17 Cedric Soubeyras 1:12.408
18 Nate Thrasher 1:12.429
19 Jerry Robin 1:12.450
20 Coty Schock 1:12.564
21 Dilan Schwartz 1:12.724
22 Joey Crown 1:12.730
23 Jarrett Frye 1:12.965
24 Ramyller Alves 1:13.066
25 Dominique Thury 1:13.178
26 Jake Masterpool 1:13.358
27 Dustin Winter 1:13.724
28 Martin Castelo 1:13.809
29 Hardy Munoz 1:14.084
30 Robbie Wageman 1:14.205
31 Logan Leitzel 1:14.243
32 Blaine Silveira 1:14.665
33 Jared Lesher 1:14.734
34 Carter Halpain 1:14.873
35 Chase Marquier 1:15.091
36 Ryan Surratt 1:15.243
37 Bryton Carroll 1:15.264
38 Derek Kelley 1:15.385
39 Nick Gaines 1:15.578
40 Bradley Lionnet 1:15.709

41 Colton Eigenmann 1:15.774
42 Kyle Greeson 1:16.030
43 Chris Howell 1:16.174
44 Chance Blackburn 1:16.648
45 Nathan Augustin 1:16.736
46 Colby Copp 1:17.110
47 Garrett Hoffman 1:17.140
48 Logan Boye 1:17.254
49 Matthew Hubert 1:17.327
50 Hunter Calle 1:17.335
51 Gerhard Matamoros 1:17.615
52 Mason Wharton 1:18.006
53 Corbin Hayes 1:18.123
54 Tre Fierro 1:18.522
55 Todd Bannister 1:19.184
56 Kameron Barboa 1:19.222
57 Chad Stonier 1:19.634
58 Hayden Hefner 1:19.647
59 Addison Emory 1:20.847
60 Wristin Grigg 1:21.373
61 David Pulley 1:21.516
62 Camron Mitchell 1:23.258
63 Marc Gonzalez 1:23.564

250 LCQ

1 Hardy Munoz
2 Ty Masterpool
3 Mitchell Harrison
4 Ryan Surratt
5 Robbie Wageman
6 Jake Masterpool
7 Chase Marquier
8 Jared Lesher
9 Logan Leitzel
10 Dominique Thury
11 Kyle Greeson
12 Bradley Lionnet
13 Colton Eigenmann
14 Dustin Winter
15 Derek Kelley
16 Jerry Robin
17 Joey Crown
18 Ramyller Alves
19 Blaine Silveira
20 Martin Castelo
21 Dilan Schwartz
22 Bryton Carroll





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