Dylan Ferrandis might be on probation , but he’s not holding back. The 2020 San Diego Supercross climaxed in a one-on-one battle between Ferrandis and Austin Forkner for the 250 West series. In the end, Ferrandis had a little more in the tank, and wasn’t afraid to use it to win the race, even if it meant some risky moves.


Austin Forkner won heat one. Photo by Travis Fant.

Cameron McAdoo and Austin Forkner were in front throughout the first heat, with Forkner riding flawlessly and not offering any openings. Derek Drake tried to pressure McAdoo through the early laps while his KTM teammate Brandon Hartranft was trying to recover from an off-track excursion on the first lap. Eventually Hartranft found himself catching up to seventh.

1 Austin Forkner
2 Cameron Mcadoo
3 Derek Drake
4 Carson Brown
5 Aaron Tanti
6 Alex Martin
7 Brandon Hartranft
8 Mitchell Falk
9 Killian Auberson
10 Ludovic Macler
11 Lorenzo Camporese
12 RJ Wageman
13 Cheyenne Harmon
14 Devin Harriman
15 Dare Demartile
16 Xylian Ramella
17 Todd Bannister
18 Chance Blackburn
19 Wyatt Lyonsmith
20 Blaine Silveira


Dylan Ferrandis rode aggressively all night. Photo by Travis Fant.

Justin Cooper got the start initially, but his red-plate carrying teammate Dylan Ferrandis passed him quickly. Then Cooper had to worry about Michael Mosiman and Josh Hayes. The top riders began to settle in after a few laps, but the real action was back around the final transfer spot. Luke Clout, Logan Karnow and Robby Wageman all had the spot at one time or another. Wageman went down on the last lap. That gave the final spot to Bryson Gardner.1 Dylan Ferrandis
2 Michael Mosiman
3 Justin Cooper
4 Jacob Hayes
5 Jay Wilson
6 Luke Clout
7 Chris Howell
8 Logan Karnow
9 Bryson Gardner
10 Martin Castelo
11 Mathias Jorgensen
12 Chase Felong
13 Hunter Schlosser
14 Tyler Gibbs
15 Deegan Vonlossberg
16 Jeffrey Meurs
17 Kordel Caro
18 Robbie Wageman
19 Addison Emory
20 Broc Shoemaker

Justin Cooper. Photo by Travis Fant.

250 W LCQ 

1 Martin Castelo
2 Cheyenne Harmon
3 Ludovic Macler
4 Lorenzo Camporese
5 Robbie Wageman
6 Mathias Jorgensen
7 Tyler Gibbs
8 Broc Shoemaker
9 Devin Harriman
10 Dare Demartile
11 RJ Wageman
12 Jeffrey Meurs
13 Xylian Ramella
14 Wyatt Lyonsmith
15 Chase Felong
16 Addison Emory
17 Chance Blackburn
18 Hunter Schlosser
19 Kordel Caro
20 Todd Bannister
21 Blaine Silveira
22 Deegan Vonlossberg


Michael Mosiman ran up front for much of the race. Photo by Travis Fant.

Michael Mosiman was on fire at the start of the main event. He shrugged off last week’s misfortunes and moved into the lead immediately. Behind him, Austin Forkner got into second place quickly, but seemed unable to make a move on Mosiman through the early laps. Ferrandis and Cooper weren’t too far behind, and it wasn’t long before the four of them were up front, pulling away. Forkner finally made a move on Moisman and made it stick, and it wasn’t long before Ferrandis did the same. For the  majority of the race, Forkner and Ferrandis were about a second or two apart.  While they played cat and mouse, Justin Cooper moved past Mosiman, but by that time he was too far back to be a factor in the lead battle. As the race came to its final laps, Ferrandis made a few risky attempts at taking the lead away. He finally made one of the work. There was contact, and Forkner went off the track. From there on , it was easy for Ferrandis. On the podium, he complained that there were few places to pass on the track. The crowd made a lot of noise, most of it booing.

1 Dylan Ferrandis
2 Austin Forkner
3 Justin Cooper
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Brandon Hartranft
6 Luke Clout
7 Jacob Hayes
8 Carson Brown
9 Derek Drake
10 Alex Martin
11 Jay Wilson
12 Martin Castelo
13 Killian Auberson
14 Aaron Tanti
15 Logan Karnow
16 Cheyenne Harmon
17 Mitchell Falk
18 Ludovic Macler
19 Bryson Gardner
20 Chris Howell
21 Lorenzo Camporese
22 Cameron Mcadoo

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