Adam Cianciarulo came to the 2019 Seattle Supercross for round 7 of the 250 West series with a 15-point lead and a big target on his back. Everyone wanted a piece of him. There were only three rounds after Seattle, so time was running out for Dylan Ferrandis, Shane McElrath and Colt Nichols. Those three riders were grouped tightly, and with each round, it looked more and more like they were battling for second place.

Adam Cianciarulo didn’t get the start and spent the whole race behind Dylan Ferrandis.

250 MAIN

Dylan Ferrandis almost never gets a good start. But he did this time. Ferrandis started in second behind Jimmy Decotis and his arch rival Adam Cianciarulo was back around fifth. It wasn’t long, however, before Cianciarulo was in second, a few seconds off the lead. For the next 20 laps, the two riders were connected by an invisible rubber band. When Ferrandis would stretch it out, Cianciarulo would come right back. The one advantage that Ferrandis had was a triple that Adam didn’t do until the final lap. It all came down to a dramatic last turn showdown where Ferrandis succeeded in holding the lead by a fraction of a second.  All this time, Jimmy Decotis wasn’t far off, and eventually got a very respectable third. “I’m not used to being in the lead,” said Ferrandis afterward. “I made a lot of mistakes. But I’m so happy. Finally!”

1 Dylan Ferrandis
2 Adam Cianciarulo
3 James Decotis
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Chris Blose
6 Rj Hampshire
7 Mitchell Harrison
8 Cameron Mcadoo
9 Enzo Lopes
10 Justin Starling
11 Robbie Wageman
12 Garrett Marchbanks
13 Chris Howell
14 Logan Karnow
15 Martin Castelo
16 Brandan Leith
17 Bradley Lionnet
18 Killian Auberson
19 Jacob Hayes
20 Jerry Robin
21 Dylan Merriam
22 Colt Nichols

250 LCQ

Robbie Wageman who often test rides for Dirt Bike Magazine, got a good start in the LCQ, and passed Deegan Vonlossberg for the lead on the second lap. Shortly after that, Gage Schehr  crashed and caused a red cross flag to come out. That caused the red flag to come out, forcing  the riders to return to the gate for a complete restart. Next start, Jerry Robin got the holeshot with Wageman second and Killian Auberson third.  Mathias Jorgensen and Chris Howell tangled at one point, causing Jorgensen to miss a section. Jorgensen was penalized and that eventually cost him his transfer spot. On the last lap, Wageman passed Robin to win his first LCQ.

1 Robbie Wageman
2 Jerry Robin
3 Killian Auberson
4 Chris Howell
5 Mathias Jorgensen
6 Johnny Garcia
7 Rj Wageman
8 Blaine Silveira
9 Charl Van Eeden
10 Kyle Fry
11 Devin Harriman
12 Deegan Vonlossberg
13 Kordel Caro
14 Collin Jurin
15 Shane Mcelrath

250 HEAT 2

Chris Blose got the holeshot while Dylan Ferrandis was buried in the pack at the start of heat 2. The whoops were already deteriorating in this race and one of the consequences was Honda rider RJ Hampshire baling hard on the season lap. A1 winner Colt Nichols passed Blose within a few laps and started to pull away. His Monster Yamaha teammate Ferrandis was making up time throughout the race, easily setting the fastest times. He passed Blose in the lap laps, making it one-two the the Monster Energy/Star Yamaha team. Shane Mcelrath crashed and would not tto racing for the night.

1 Colt Nichols
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Chris Blose
4 Jacob Hayes
5 Enzo Lopes
6 Rj Hampshire
7 Logan Karnow
8 Martin Castelo
9 Brandan Leith
10 Killian Auberson
11 Devin Harriman
12 Mathias Jorgensen
13 Johnny Garcia
14 Aaron Siminoe
15 Robbie Wageman
16 Dawson Newby
17 Renton Minuto
18 Gage Schehr
19 Charl Van Eeden
20 Shane Mcelrath

250 HEAT 1

Adam Cianciarulo started off up front in the first 250 heat and never surrendered the lead, eventually stretching it out to over 5 seconds. The battle for second was carnage in the early laps with Cameron Mcadoo, Garrett Marchbanks and Jimmy Decotis all mixing it up. There was mild contact between Marchbanks and McAdoo early in the race, but then Decoatis came up and passed them both. Cianciarulo won fairly easily with Decotis second. Michael Mosiman passed Marchbanks on the final lap for fourth.

1 Adam Cianciarulo
2 James Decotis
3 Cameron Mcadoo
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Garrett Marchbanks
6 Mitchell Harrison
7 Justin Starling
8 Dylan Merriam
9 Bradley Lionnet
10 Collin Jurin
11 Chris Howell
12 Jerry Robin
13 Deegan Vonlossberg
14 Blaine Silveira
15 Rj Wageman
16 Kele Russell
17 Kyle Fry
18 Kordel Caro
19 910 Carson Brown


After all the 250 times were tabulated from practice one and two, it was Star Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis on top with a time of 45.907. Cianciarulo wasn’t far behind–in fact, just three tenths of a second. Jimmy DeCotis and Chris Blose are showing some game, but Shane McElrath was a little off the pace, back in 9th. Here’s how it broke down:

1. Dylan Ferrandis 45.907
2. Adam Cianciarulo 46.206
3. Chris Blose 46.421
4. James Decotis 46.468
5. Colt Nichols 46.509
6. Cameron Mcadoo 46.740
7. RJ Hampshire 46.838
8. Michael Mosiman 47.172
9. Shane Mcelrath 47.212
10. Mitchell Harrison 47.673
11. Jacob Hayes 47.870
12. Garrett Marchbanks 48.137
13. Enzo Lopes 48.229
14. Justin Starling 48.489
15. Robbie Wageman 48.806
16. Collin Jurin 48.939
17. Logan Karnow 48.973
18. Dylan Merriam 49.002
19. Killian Auberson 49.152
20. Bradley Lionnet 49.258
21. Gage Schehr 49.445
22. Chris Howell 49.523
23. Devin Harriman 49.828
24. Jerry Robin 49.874
25. Martin Castelo 50.152
26. Carson Brown 50.170
27. Brandan Leith 50.251
28. Deegan Vonlossberg 50.297
29. Mathias Jorgensen 50.802
30. Rj Wageman 51.368
31. Charl Van Eeden 51.902
32. Blaine Silveira 51.961
33. Johnny Garcia 52.049
34. Kyle Fry 52.410
35. Aaron Siminoe 52.771
36. Kele Russell 52.771
37. Renton Minuto 52.911
38. Kordel Caro 53.422
39. Dawson Newby 53.672


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