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For 2017, Honda offers the brand-new CRF450RX, which is based on the 2017 CRF450R but with a number of differences that make it appropriate for closed-course off-road racing like the GNCC series campaigned by the JCR Honda team. Like its motocross-focused sibling, the CRF450RX is designed for maximum agility and performance, offering owners superior power along with effortless handling—the ideal woods-racing combination.

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  • Smoother ignition map than CRF450R for better performance in low-traction situations.

  • Downdraft intake layout increases power by reducing resistance, improving air-charging efficiency.

  • Combustion chamber with high compression ratio, narrow valve angle for efficiency.

  • Use of finger rocker arm allows high valve lift while retaining compact Unicam layout.

  • Coils on valve springs have oval cross-sections to allow low engine height.

  • Port layout with straight flow for efficiency.

  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) on piston pin, rocker arm minimizes friction, increases durability.

  • Dual muffler with gradual pipe bends for smooth exhaust flow.

  • Standard electric start, with kick start as a backupCRF450RXweb1


  • Compared to CRF450R, suspension settings are more appropriate for technical off-road conditions.

  • With a 2.25 gallon capacity, the plastic fuel tank is larger than that of the CRF450R for increased range off-road.

  • Forged-aluminum side stand is standard to allow trailside parking.

  • Off-road-focused, durable Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires.

  • One-tooth larger rear sprocket than CRF450R, for better performance in tight woods conditions.

  • Different cylinder hanger than CRF450R, for comfort in technical off-road conditions.

  • Chassis layout maximizes traction through concentration of mass, low center of gravity.

  • New, lighter sixth-generation aluminum twin-spar frame with revised geometry; allows improved cornering performance through reduction of torsional stiffness (lateral stiffness is unchanged).

  • Lightweight swingarm assembly is stiff vertically and laterally.

  • Rear-suspension location lowers center of gravity.

  • Lightweight aluminum rear subframe with extruded gussets.

  • Coil-spring 49mm Showa fork.

  • Plastic bodywork with smooth layout and film-insert graphics for appearance and durability.

  • Front fender shape allows efficient air path to radiator.


Unlike the motocross version, the RX will have a plastic tank.
Unlike the motocross version, the RX will have a plastic tank.

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