On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works graphics we give you an exclusive look at our most recent CR480R project with Pete Treadwell and our Idaho connection of Western Powersports, Moto One, and Full Circle Racing. This thing is insanely clean! If you are a Honda two-stroke fan don’t miss the link at the bottom of this post to the full behind the scenes story of our 1995 CR250R project.


When Pete Treadwell calls with a bike build idea we have learned just to say “YES,” sit back and watch the fireworks go off. Just like with his KDX500 build, this CR480R build leaves us speechless. On this build he has used a lot of companies that WPS distributes such as Firepower, Fly Racing, Michelin Tires, ODI Grips all companies that you are no doubt familiar with and then he brings in other companies like Moto One Boise or Full Circle Racing and Advanced Machining NW.

The billet aluminum triple clamp set up is from Advanced Machining NW providing updated geometry for improved cornering and multiple bar positions for more rider comfort. The 20mm offset fits CR models 79-88.

The crew at Full Circle Racing handled the wheel rebuild using Full Circle Racing LTD rims which are manufactured for a variety of vintage applications and are offered in silver, gold, and black. They are a quality 7000 series alloy dimpled rim. They were laced with stainless steel spokes and stainless steel nipples.

Moto Tassinari offers a VFORCE 3 reed kit that with a spacer from Advanced Machining NW bolts right on and improves overall performance. It does move everything back slightly. As you can see a Lectron aftermarket carburetor replaces the OEM unit.

The billet aluminum  manifold is another is another item made by Advanced Machining NW that provides a better seal over the OEM Honda part.


Yes, that is a Magura hydraulic clutch assist on a 1983 Honda C480R and that billet aluminum engine cover is available from Advanced Machining NW as a direct bolt-on replacement item.

This item might not look like much but to the vintage Honda crowd it’s a game changer! This billet aluminum brake adapter allows you to run the 43mm Showa fork from the 86-88 CR’s with a drum brake from the 78-83 with no major modifications.

Vintage fans don’t worry you will see more on this machine in the future and we are planning on doing a complete writeup in an upcoming issue of our printed magazine. STAY TUNED!


Jeremy McGrath did most of his winning with the 1993 frame, which had been developed earlier by Jean Michel Bayle. There were subtle chassis changes on an annual basis until the mother of them all came in 1997. That was the much maligned move to the ultra-rigid aluminum chassis. Even that bike had a lot going for it, including a twin-chamber fork and a very fast motor. Everything changed in 2002 with the arrival of an entirely new bike. By then, four-strokes were taking over, and by 2007, the CR250R was completely gone, along with all of Honda’s two-strokes. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE COMPLETE STORY!


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