PRODUCT: At Viral Brand goggles, they have worked hard to build the best-fitting goggles in the industry. They are so confident that their top-of-the-line Signature Series goggle fits better and is more comfortable than any other goggle out there that they will give you 30 days to try the goggles risk-free. Viral Brand engineers used a flex frame made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to contour to any face. The four-layer face foam is designed with polyurethane base foam, high-density neoprene fit foam, large-cell polyurethane foam, and a final soft micro-fleece face layer to wick sweat away.
The foam is also completely removable and held on magnetically (easily removable) and provides more room for riders who wear glasses. Tinted lenses come standard, with the option of a clear, replaceable lens. The large, 50mm, embroidered goggle strap features a non-slip silicone strip to keep the goggle in place.

OUR TAKE: The shape of the Viral Signature Series goggle and the face fit are downright impressive. This is absolutely one of the most comfortable goggles we have tested. There is no intrusion of the foam around your nose restricting your airflow and breathing. The venting is superb, allowing for little fogging at slow speeds and on high-intensity trails. We were impressed with how well the goggle strap stayed snug on our helmet without being strapped insanely tight. You have options to run tear-offs and another option for 50mm Roll-Offs. The magnetic face foam is ideal for quick dry-offs and cleaning.
Overall, this goggle ranks among the best in fit, feel, easy lens removal, quick-change magnetic face foam and excellent optics. The high-end model is pricey, but Viral offers less expensive goggles with fewer bells and whistles.
Price: $89.99–$119.99

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