A sweet Kawasaki KX125 rebuilt by C4 MX is featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. We packed 2-Stroke Hardware with products from Helix, Pro Circuit and Cycra. Don’t miss 2-Stroke Theater; this week it’s full of premix-burning machines for your viewing pleasure. If you’re in the market for a new Two-Stroke, be sure to click the exclusive link to our 2018 2-Stroke Buyer’s Guide. It has information on all the new machines available for purchase.

Frenchie at C4 MX rebuilt this Kawasaki KX125 for his son to rip around SoCal. As you can see, it has some targeted upgrades in key places, but a lot of the stock parts were cleaned up and used as well.

Internally the engine was completely rebuilt with the cylinder and head receiving minor mods from Frenchy (he just couldn’t resist). Boyesen ignition and clutch covers replaced the stock units.

 Engine performance bolt-on items include an FMF exhaust system, Boyesen Rad Valve intake, silicone  hoses, larger capacity radiators and a Lectron Carburetor .

You might be asking what’s a Lectron Carburetor ? The Lectron Carb has a metering rod and power jet that can be adjusted and replaced with different sizes if necessary. These items replace the jets used in a traditional carburetor.  Lectron says the three main benefits to their carburetor are, 1) Much easier to tune. 2) Better atomization that provides better fuel economy. 3) A much more linear power curve.

Frenchie at C4 MX has a long history working with top level race teams and it shines through on this quick KX125 rebuild.


Pro Circuit is seeing a huge increase in late ’80s and early ’90s motocross exhaust. So much so that they are now offering “Works” style pipes for application they had previously discontinued. Evo and Revo racers rejoice.

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Need some silencer packing, fuel line in just in any color imaginable, skid plate foam and hi-temp exhaust paint? No problem, Helix has you covered!


Cycra has just released their very popular plastic skid plates for Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250 two-stroke models.



Click the image below for more information on every 2018 2-Stroke available in the USA.


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