I sent this photo to my brother Mike, who was the Team Suzuki Off-Road Manager for his feedback. “Back in the mid 90’s, Guy Cooper’s motocross career was drawing to a close and Guy let me know he was interested in trying some off-road events. We were able to work out a contract that allowed him to race select MX Nationals, GNCC’s, ISDE qualifiers and some dual sport events. The best thing about the contract with Coop was that besides his racing expertise, we had access to his private Moto playground. Nestled in Stillwater, OK., Coop’s Disneyland featured 2 incredible MX tracks, an SX track, miles of killer single track, go carts, fishing- you name it, he had it. Over the years we would use it as a base for our team testing as well as ground zero for my brother Tom and I to polish our jumping skills, with Guy testing our limits. Tom penned countless stories of our endless moto adventures from Coop hucking a massive 5th gear pinned launch that resulted in an exploded front wheel, to using his home as our base for the ISDE held at the Zink Ranch nearby. Coop had great results for the team including winning his first GNCC at the opener in Gainesville, Fl., a gold medal in the ISDE, a top 10 finish at the infamous Tecate Enduro on a DR350 and his podium finish in a flooded Alligator Enduro on a DRS250 street legal dual sport. Those days were incredible, but the best part to me was Tom and I spending hours on the insane MX tracks testing our courage on those epic jumps.”


Kyle Redmond and Cody Webb had a great bracket race battle. Cody went into the water section hard…


And came out fishing for his scoot.


You have to be limber to race endurocross!



The track was tough and reigning Woman’s Champ Shelby Turner led the entire race before wedging her machine into the rock zone. It allowed Kacy Martinez, who was nearly a lap down to catch her and snag the win.


Some of the best racing came in the bracket competition where it was a 2-up format. Here’s Colton Haaker and Max Gerston banging bars.


Cody Webb points out one of the 12,672 available lines and possible points of destruction to Colton. and friends. Colton didn’t bite and traded blows with Webb throughout the night.


Geoff Aaron is a 46-year old kid on his GasGas. He is the epitome of consistent as he dodges drama during the main event.


Kyle looking for control as he exits the boulders.


Destry Abbott came out and won the Vet Class. He’s a total hero!


Getting a rhythm through the rocks was nearly iimpossible, as Colton Haaker shows.


Team SRT’s boss Craig Thompson racing the Vet class.
















My buddy Mental shot this at a gorge jump located outside of Mojave, California. He said the story was that Bob Hannah had jumped it playing in the desert back in 1983 when he rode for Honda. Back in ’96 I still had some cocoanuts and made the leap on my KTM 360 MXC. Mental actually got the shot in focus!!

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