There are two kinds of riders in the world: those who love the Suzuki RM 125 two-stroke and those who haven’t ridden one. The little RM is sweet and easy to ride, but  getting kinda old. Suzuki stopped making the RM125 back in 2007.  Luckily, there are lots and lots of used ones sitting in garages everywhere, just like this 2004 model found by Jill Angues.  The uglier the better, because Polisport has an RM Restyle kit that is a direct, bolt-on replacement plastic kit, updating 2001–2008 RM125/250 models to make them look like modern four-strokes. The kit will be available in multiple color options. Each kit includes a front fender, rear fender, radiator shrouds, side panels and a front number plate.

For the suspension, we turned to the guys at Lainer. They used the OEM springs, but re-valved the suspension internally for a motocross application to match Jill Angues’ skill and weight. MotoSeat semi-custom seat covers are constructed of a rubberized material that offers traction in all conditions and is UV-protected and double-stitched for durability. Sunstar’s Works Triple Star aluminum sprockets and 520MXR1 gold chain are designed to be lightweight yet take loads of abuse.

PMX Racing worked with Viscid Designs to come up with a semi-custom kit that gave the bike a clean factory look.

Dunlop’s new Geomax MX33 tires are designed for soft-to-intermediate terrain and feature block-in-a-block technology for more aggressive corner and slide control. ODI Podium Flight handlebars are constructed of a 2014-T6 alloy for increased strength with ODI’s exclusive tubing profile and are designed for a non-braced handlebar.
Nickel Wurks’ complete engine fastener kits from Specbolt are designed to offer that factory look at a fraction of the cost. Assembled specifically for each engine, the kits come labeled and ready for installation.


ODI teamed up with MX/SX champion Jeff Emig to produce the Emig Pro V2 lock-on grip with a raised JE logo pattern that conforms to the palms, improves padding and reduces vibration. The soft, undercut independent ribs are designed to deliver lateral and rotational traction.

Collin and the crew at Faster USA rebuilt the stock Suzuki RM125 wheels using all-new bearings, black D.I.D Dirt Star rims and stainless steel spokes, and applied a grey Cerakote finish to the hubs. Collin says the service is very popular with older-style two-stroke rebuild projects like this.



Bill’s Pipes took the raw pipe and performed a cone-look service that makes the pipe look exactly like an authentic hand-welded cone pipe. Jeff Springman reworked the silencer alignment to match the new Polisport plastic lines

Boyesen is one of the only companies making aftermarket engine covers for the Suzuki RM125. The ignition and clutch covers are cast-aluminum powder-coated for durability and polished for that factory racing look. They are made in in-house at Boyesen’s production facility.

In the end, there’s no reason that a rebuilt RM125 from the mid 2000s can’t run with a modern 125. The Suzuki didn’t go out of production because of sub-standard performance, it just didn’t fit the company’s business model any more. It’s very likely that if Suzuki exucutives could go back in time and rethink that decision, they might have given the RM125 a reprieve.

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