December 15, 2013

SealSavers Zip-On’s are now available at all Tucker Rocky authorized dealers.

SealSavers have designed a new and easier way to protect your fork seals from dirt, dust and mud damage. Zip-On’s are a revolutionary change in SealSavers design that allows for quick and easy installation without having to remove your forks from the triple clamps. A unique dual-flap zipper protection system is utilized to protect your forks from the nylon zipper. Once installed and the protection flaps are closed, Zip-On’s look almost identical to our original SealSavers. 

Zip-On’s are available in three sizes: 1 1/4′ up to 35mm (for most 50-65cc bikes), 1 1/2′ 36-43mm (for most 80cc bikes), and 1 3/4′ 44-50mm (for most 125- 500+cc bikes). Color options are black, blue, red or gold, and retail for $26.95. Zip-On’s may now be purchased at your local Tuckey Rocky authorized dealer. For more information please see your local dealer or visit us on-line at: or call us at 951 244.6475 

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