The Picture:
A sharp turn out of a slimy river bottom, the rise is dramatic, albeit short and abrupt. The rut is fairly deep and riddled with imbedded round rocks the size of a football player’s head. With very little momentum to help you out of the steep face, your back tire spins and refuses to grab any traction. You’re stuck.

All looks well until the rear tire fails to bite and momentum is lost. At this point all forward motion is gone.

You try to work the clutch and throttle but because you’ve un-weighted the tail section it will not grab purchase, and too much throttle elevates the spin factor.

Stuck, weight falling back, legs push into the high points paralleling the rut, which unloads the rear end. The result is the big spin.

The solution:
The majority of the time the best and quickest method to get out of your situation is to get off the machine and help it. Keep the engine running and don’t just drop the clutch and pin the throttle. Exert pressure to the bars, carefully ladle out throttle so that it will bite rather than spin, and then work it over the obstacle. It’s ugly, it requires effort, but it works!

A gentle push really helps to get ‘mo’ going, then feed it smart applications of gas and a smooth trigger of clutch, and refrain from lighting up the back rubber. Smooth, slow and smart will get you up and out.

Suck it up and get off your scoot. Keep the engine running, use first or second gear and slowly give it delicate throttle.

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