A fuel injected, rearward facing cylinder, two stroke enduro bike, WOW! Will we actually see this on American shores? Only time will tell. Check out the U.S. Ossa importer https://www.lewisportusa.com/ossa_enduro.htm for the latest scoop on this stunning bike.



The OSSA Enduro

After the first presentation of the Ossa TR 280i prototype in Milan 24-months ago, a new development work began before the production of a really new revolutionary bike. Two years later, Ossa Factory has chosen again the EICMA show to present a new prototype that will stand out in the enduro discipline. The Ossa Enduro is born with a large work experience and incorporates some novelties to get a lightweight and maneuverable bike with a brilliant engine. It’s a bike with innovative features that once again make a difference and keep Ossa Factory’s philosophy: to provide the market with a technologically advanced product with lots of advantages such as performance, and the possibility to tune and adapt it to the requirements of every riding style.


The chassis of the new Ossa Enduro 250i/300i is chromoly steel, has a perimeter structure and the fuel tank is not part of it, but it is placed in a lower and forward position. The airbox is located high and protected by the cover of the fuel tank.

The suspension pieces are from Öhlins and the position of the rear shock on the right side allows for extra space to fit a part of the exhaust pipe. This shock works with a progressive linkage system assembled onto tubular swingarm. The inverted fork has 48mm stanchions and the 260mm disc on the front and 220mm on the back with Brembo calipers ensure powerful and safe braking.



The two-stroke powerplant of the Ossa Enduro 250i/300i features a new and revolutionary double injection system designed in association with Kokusan and an electronic exhaust valve, which is controlled by the same ECU as the injection. One of the injectors is situated on the crankcase and the other on the cylinder. This is rather unusual as it is normally placed on the cylinder head, but this new system offers amazing possibilities to fine-tune the bike response.

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