Nick Fahringer’s Texas National Enduro Report

Nick Fahringer’s Texas National Enduro Report


A 20 hour solo drive was rewarded with a 4th place overall finish at round 4 of the National Enduro Series in Post Texas. I headed south several days early to recover from the drive and take in some local riding with the Kirkpatricks. Conditions varied from fast flowing trails on soil to rocky loose washes and ravines that twisted through the Texas high plains.

            Section one on race day began with a technical section across some rocky hillsides before winding across the plains on high-speed flowing trail. A slower amateur rider jumped in front of me on the start line and held me up for a few seconds. The next section was fast and flowing as well, and I made up a little time but was still not up to pace. Section 3 was a short motocross/grass track section. This test was fun but hitting the lines was critical for a good time. I rode smart and stayed on pace here.

            After the fuel stop I was ready to charge the next section. I must have reached a new level of focus because I can’t explain this section, but I turned the fastest time of the day, beating race winner Mullins by 5 seconds. Section 5 was the toughest one of the race, with tight spots that would suck your momentum down to nothing and twisted wash trails that would leave the direction of the next turn a mystery. I finished one second behind Lafferty and another second behind Buttrick who finished 3rd and 2nd for the day. The last section was the longest of the day at 15 miles. Maintaining focus and forward momentum were the challenge, as the terrain got more rugged and my body was growing tired. I made up 32 seconds on the leader to finish the day.

            Finishing 4th in Texas is bigger than the 3rd overall in Bike Week. My scores were extremely competitive from sections three through the sixth and final sections. Winning the 4th section is a confidence booster, proving that I have the speed and I have my Husaberg set up spot on. Next stop, the Tennessee National Enduro April 18.


I would like to thank:

Husaberg, Pirelli, EBC Brakes, Enduro Engineering, Renthal, Ride PG, Tire Balls, Smith Optics, Genuine Dirt Racer Products, Akrapovic Exhaust, Motion Pro, Motorex, BRP, Troy Lee Designs, Gaerne Boot.


Event Finish

1. Charlie Mullins (Yam); 2. Cory Buttrick (KTM); 3. Michael Lafferty (Hsb); 4. Nick Fahringer (Hsb); 5. Russell Bobbitt (KTM); 6. Glenn Kearmey (Hus); 7. Cole Kirkpatrick (KTM); 8. Andrew DeLong (KTM); 9. Josh Gaitten (KTM); 10. Cameron Kirkpatrick (KTM).


Standings (4 of 10 Rnds):

1. Michael Lafferty (90/1 win); 2. Russell Bobbitt (87); 3. Cory Buttrick (80/1 win); 4. Charlie Mulllins (78/2 wins); 5. Nick Fahringer (70).

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