Yamaha YZ250F: Yamaha test rider Doug Dubach was spotted testing the prototype Yamaha YZ250 four-stroke. The bike looks just like the 426, but it sure sounds different, mostly because of its 13,500 rpm redline. The bike is legal for 125 class racing, and according to Jeremy McGrath ‘It will be like cheating’ there. Yamaha says the bike will go on the production line in October.

Honda CR125R: ‘We stopped trying to build a Yamaha,’ say Honda R&D guys. ‘We spent so much time going after low-end, that we lost that old-fashion Honda peak power. Now we’ve got it back.’ Expect the 2001 CR125 to be a screamer.

Kawasaki KX250: Kawasaki claims it isn’t working on any new models, but we don’t believe them. The KXs have a lot of little changes in the gearbox and power valve, but not enough to keep an whole R&D department busy all year. There’s more on the way, but maybe not ’til 2002.

Suzuki RM250: Suzuki has a new chassis and mostly new motors for 2001. Rumors have it that there’s a big change in the suspension department, from Showa to KYB (at least on the 250). But Suzuki won’t have any official announcements until August first. (photo by Shogo Nakao)


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