Round three of the 2015 EnduroCross season started with two riders sharing the coveted red number plate, denoting the series point leader. The night ended with a clear leader, although the season is up for grabs. Colton Haaker won in Las Vegas after an all-night battle with Cody Webb. Those two riders have established themselves as the best riders of the series so far. With Taddy Blazusiak’s departure from American competition, and Taylor Robert’s wrist injury, the next rider could be almost anyone. In this case, it was Geoff Aaron who ended up third to the delight of the crowd. Geoff is one of the elder statesman of the series, and has helped train both Haaker and Webb–with obvious success. Here are some of the night’s highlights.

Mike Brown was fast all night, but fell early in the main.

1.    Colton Haaker        Husqvarna

2.    Cody Webb        KTM

3.    Geoff Aaron        Gas Gas

4.    Cory Graffunder        KTM

5.    Ty Tremaine        KTM

6.    Kevin Rookstool    Suzuki

7.    Max Gerston        Beta

Cory Graffunder had one of his best nights in a long time, finishing fourth.
Cory Graffunder had one of his best nights in a long time, finishing fourth.

8.    Nick Thompson        KTM

9.    Mike Brown        Husqvarna

10.    Kyle Redmond        Beta

11.    Jamie Lanza        KTM

12.    Destry Abbott        Kawasaki

13.    Noah Kepple        KTM

Husky teammates Haaker and Brown lead the charge to the first turn.
Destry Abbot and Max Gerston.
Riders who train together, stand on the podium together. Aaron and Haaker.
Max Gerston was seventh in the main.
Kyle Redmond is settling into his new Beta.
Defending Champion Cody Webb came into the night tied for the lead in points. The red plate will go to Haaker for the next round.
Destry Abbott is in the center of a Kepple/Larsen sandwich.
Jack Field celebrated his Trialcross win with a backflip. Earlier, a last-lap attempt at the same thing went wrong, but only cost him a few seconds.
Teammates Webb and Tremaine.


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