KTM factory rider Antoine Meo put on an impressive display of riding on the KTM 300 EXC on Friday to finish the penultimate day of Sardegna ISDE 2013 as the lead overall rider and also topped his E3 class.

Team France continued to lead both the World Trophy and the Junior Trophy helped by Meo and KTM factory teammate Johnny Aubert.

With the week-long ride on the Italian island of Sardinia drawing to a close KTM Enduro Factory Team Boss Fabio Farioli said Meo had been impressive and ‘incredibly fast’ on the penultimate day of the competition. “Antoine (Meo) rode a great two last laps. He was incredibly fast and Johnny (Aubert) is also doing a good job,” he said. Aubert is currently third in E2 while KTM factory teammates Ivan Cervantes and Cristobal Guerrero of Team Spain are running overall third and first in E2 and E1 respectively.

Team France are poised to take the World Trophy and now have over 14 minutes lead over Team USA. Team Italy is now third after Team Australia incurred a five-minute penalty to knock it down to fourth overall. France are followed by Italy, Britain, USA and Sweden in the Junior Trophy.

On Saturday riders face a final motocross test to settle the final outcome of this centenary edition of the ISDE, the oldest annual event on the FIM calendar. Riders run in reverse order, the highest ranking going off last on the final day.

ISDE Sardinia Results

Day Five Results
E1 Class Day Five
1, Lorenzo Santolino, Spain Husqvarna
2, Thomas Oldrati, Italy Husaberg
3. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM
4, Thasseus Duval, US Honda
5, Jeremy Joly, France, Honda

E1 Day Five Progressive
1, Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM
2, Jeremy Joly France, Honda
3, Lorenzo Santolino, Spain Husqvarna
4, Thomas Oldrati, Italy Husaberg
5, Redondi, Italy KTM

E2 Class Day 5
1, Alex Salvini, Italy, HM Honda
2, Pela Renet, France, Husaberg
3, Johnny Aubert, France, KTM
4, Daniel Milner, Australia, Yamaha
5, Taylor Robert, USA, Kawasaki

E2 Class after Day 5
1, Daniel Milner, Australia, Yamaha
2, Pela Renet, France, Husaberg
3, Johnny Aubert, France, KTM
4, Taylor Robert, USA, Kawasaki
5, Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM

E3 Class Day 5
1, Antoine Meo, France, KTM
2, Mathias Bellino, France, Husaberg
3, Mike Brown, USA, KTM
4, Aigar Leok, Estonia, TM
5, Manuel Monni, Italy, KTM

E3 Class after Day 5
1, Antoine Meo, France, KTM
2, Mathias Bellino, France, Husaberg
3, Mike Brown, USA, KTM
4, Chris Hollis, Australia, KTM
5, Manuel Monni, Italy, KTM

Overall (all classes) after Day 5
1, Meo
2, Milner
3, Renet
4, Aubert
5, Robert
6, Cervantes

World Trophy: 

1, France, 20:48.22.52 (Pela Renet, Jeremy Joly, Johnny Aubert, Antoine Meo, Rodrig Thain, Fabien Planet)
2, USA, 21:02.41.95 (Mike Brown, Kurt Caselli, Thaddeus Duvall, Charlie Mullins, Zach Osborne, Robert Taylor)

3, Italy, 21:06.22.34 (Albergoni, Oldrati, Salvini, Monni. Philippaerts, Balletti)

4, Australia, 21:11.02.82 (Joshua Green, Chris Hollis, Glenn Kearney, Matthew Phillips, Joshua Strang, Daniel Miller)

5, Spain, 21:14.32.64 (Lorenzo Santolino, Cristobal Guerrero, Ivan Cervantes, Victor Guerrero, Mario Roman, Oriol Mena

Junior World Trophy: 

1, France, 12:43.55.75 (Swan Servajean, Kevin Rohmer, Loic Larrieu, Mathias Bellino

2, Italy, 12:49.53.88 (Rudy Moroni, Giacomo Redondi, Nicolo Mori, Gianluca Martini)

3, Britain 12:53.01.09 (Steve Holcombe, Jack Rowland, Jamie McCanney, Daniel McCanney)

4, USA, 113:00.35.41 (Grant Baylor, Kailub Russell, Andrew Delong, Jessie Groemm)

5, Australia, 13:L03.46.35 (Ben Burrell, Lachlan Stanford, Scott Keegan, Thomas McCormick

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