Josh Grant has been around the moto industry pretty much all his life and has had some pretty bad injuries along the way. Injuries and surgeries mean pain management, that most of the times is done with very powerful, very addictive pain medications. The words below are directly from Josh Grant about why he and his wife Ashley made the decision to be apart of the cannabis industry.

“When I’m asked “Why” I started in the cannabis industry… It’s a simple (but complicated) answer. For me it started with injuries and pain management. Over the past 18 years Ive gone under the knife 17 times. Most of those were in a 12 year time frame with 4 operations being the most in one year. Prescription pain killers are the gnarliest thing I’ve ever experienced. My mind and body never handled them well so I turned to this plant to get me through some of the most unbearable pain, physical and mental.
The complicated part is the stigma. How a group of people called “leaders” and some companies with deep pockets demonized a plant. If the people can grow medicine how will they make money off their chemicals? To me the words drugs and medicine got mixed up a long time ago. It was during the time of unlearning everything I’d been taught about Cannabis, (marijuana, weed, pot, dope whatever your generation prefers to call it) Ash and I knew it was an industry we wanted to be involved in.
THANK YOU to all our friends who have stopped by EMBER Lake Elsinore to support us and our cause to change the perception and the conversation about this amazing plant.”

Those are some pretty powerful words !

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