DIRT BIKE: Have you changed anything in the off season to prepare for 2017 or is it business as usual?


JOEY SAVATGY: “Well to be honest I’m just putting in the laps, same as last year to get ready. Nothing has really changed. Beyond the bike being all new for this year, my plan, the structure, the circle around me, and the people I work with are all the same.”


DB:  Last year you were super close to clinching the Supercross title. Do you feel like it’s a bit of redemption for you in 2017?


JS: “ Yeah, for sure. We made a lot of progress last year and we learned a lot. I feel like we are coming in smarter and our race craft is better as well. Obviously, the goal is to be winning the title and I don’t see any reason why we can’t. Last year we were really close and won some races so I know we can do it again as well as eliminate some of those mistakes to go all the way.”


DB:  You’ve been training at the GOAT farm (RC COMPOUND) for a couple years now. You ride, get the job done and go home. Do you like having that privacy and having the one-on-one attention you’re getting from RC and Geenie (RC’s mom) instead of riding with a ton of guys at a local SX track all the time?


JS: “It’s always convenient and nice to have only a few people around … get your stuff done and it’s a lot easier to stay focused. When you’re at other places there’s a lot of people and they’re always watching. Not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you’re having a bad day. Or, say you have a little crash; with a lot of people around word gets out quick. Everything about riding at the farm is low key. Put in the hard during the week and show up to race on the weekends.”


DB:  You can’t win the title at round 1 but you sure can lose it. What is your goal or your strategy for the first round this year?


JS: “ Round 1 … obviously a win would be nice, but it really depends on the situation. It’s damage control at some point if you don’t get a good start or something happens I think that goal changes. I think it goes from winning to ‘alright I need to salvage points.’ If you come out with a good start, go for the win but if you get a 10th place start you need to fight to get on the box. As I saw last year every point counts. You really try to put yourself in a good position on the start so you can focus more on the race and getting the job done than damage control.”


DB:  Off season, beyond riding and training what have you been up to? Anything fun or exciting in the life of Joey Savatgy?


JS: “Nothing too much really. Went to a Saints game. Went to my girlfriend’s brother’s wedding. Outside of that it was nice to have some down time. My body needed some down time. It was much needed and enjoyable. Nothing crazy but being a normal kid for while was cool. The biggest thing for me was getting some rest in and being able to relax.”



We look forward to seeing Joey Savatgy on track this year racing for Pro Circuit Kawasaki. In a stacked field of riders look to Savatgy to being one of the front runners chasing down a 250 title.


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