Hudson “HUCK” Deegan might not be a household name now but big things are in this young mans future. Following in the footsteps of father FMX Pioneer Brian Deegan, Nascar phenom sister Hailie and promising amateur motocross champion brother Haiden there is no telling what Hudson can accomplish. But one thing is certain his mom Marissa keeps a close eye on him at all times!

Dirt Bike Magazine and the Deegan family met up to get a little taste of what Hudson Deegan does around the house. While his big sister chases the Nascar dream and brother races full time on a Twisted Development Super Mini, Huck is having fun and making the best of life every day. Dirt Bike Magazine takes you behind the scenes with Hudson on an average day at the Deegan compound in Southern California. Pool, mini bikes, dirt bikes, trampolines, and more are at Hudson’s fingertips. This is a kids dream playground and Hudson is making good use of it all. You’ll even see some behind the scenes action of editor Ron Lawson shooting photos from the magazine and the Deegan’s personal filmer in action while watching. We hope you enjoy this feature from Dirt Bike Magazine.

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