Hare and Hound Round 1: Lucerne, CA



Lucerne, CA – Defending Hare and Hound Champion, David Pearson, proved why he holds the number one plate when he finished first overall at Round 1 of the AMA Hare and Hound Series in Lucerne, CA.

The course conditions couldn’t have been better as the rain from the night before and early morning kept the desert ground saturated allowing the riders to race the event without the normal dusty conditions one is faced with in most Hare and Hound events.

Pearson, the Red Bull KTM Factory rider, got a great jump on the pack as the riders took off for the 80 mile ride, consisting of two forty-mile loops. He was third at the end of the banners and was able to take the lead quickly after.

His teammate, Red Bull KTM rider David Kamo, was also up front just two spots back in third. Kamo charged hard and keep close to the second place ride of Destry Abbott.

The top three managed to run a clean race with no problems. Pearson stated, “The best part of the day was looking back at the halfway point and not seeing anybody behind me. I knew then that the only person that could take the win from me was myself and I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

Pearson finished the race in first to take home the win. Less than 30 seconds behind was the second place bike of Destry Abbott. Rounding out the podium was the third place bike of Pearson’s teammate, David Kamo. “I wish we could keep going,” shouted Kamo after the finish. “My KTM ran great this weekend, I had so much fun and really enjoyed my podium finish ride.”

This marks the first win for Pearson in Lucerne Valley and Kamo’s first podium finish at his first event as a Red Bull KTM Factory rider. Congratulations to both team members on a great start to the new season!

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