On this episode of the “Fant Files” we show you what Travis”RAW DOG” Fant captured with his cannon camera at this years Glen Helen National. His day started at 5am and ended at 9pm when he finally got home.  Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 6.27.16 PMTravis Fant in the trenches at Glen Helen Raceway living the dream and making magic happen.

Arnaud Tonus’s Factory Kawasaki KX250F.
Colt Nichols going over set-up at the Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha Truck.
Wash Stations litter the pits in between motos during the outdoor season.
Do you remember Nathan Ramsey? He has teamed up with Justin Brayton to work on his riding technique the last couple years.
Eli Tomac’s mechanic cleaning off the mud from Glen Helen.
Alex Martin charging uphill.
Factory Kawasaki always has trick parts on their bikes including this cooler to keep the motor down on temperature.
The crowd watching Alex Martin lead the pack.
Jordon Smith doing a last minute adjustment to his clutch before moto 1.
Ryan Dungey autographing WHEATIES boxes and memorabilia under the KTM race truck.
Marvin Musquin was all smiles greeting his fans at Glen Helen
Alex Martin in Staging aboard his Factory Star Racing Yamalube Yamaha YZ250F.
One of the nicest guys in the pits making time before practice to sign autographs for his fans.
Jessy Nelson caught Travis spying on him and wanted to show off his 2016 TLD Moto gear.
Mitchell Harrison ready for practice.
Eric Gass building start blocks for Cooper Webb with some Glen Helen soil before the start of practice.

IMG_00021 Ken Roczen in the hunt of Ryan Dungey moto 1.IMG_00032 Ryan Dungey was strong all day at Glen Helen even with Ken Roczen on his tail most of the day.IMG_00073 Trey Canard using every inch of the Glen Helen dirt and his Honda CRF450R.IMG_00104 Ken Roczen showing off his talents in moto 2 and making it stick.IMG_00405 Fans gaze on as Ken Roczen takes moto 2. IMG_00687 Dungey calmly taking the checkers in moto 1.IMG_00748 Moto 2 prep.IMG_00779 Moto 2 prep.IMG_008110 Tons of people drove in to the race today but even more rode in.IMG_008411 Ken Roczen shaking off moto 1 vibes and ready for moto 2.IMG_008912 Alex Martin and Ryan Hughes sharing a moment after moto 2.IMG_009313 Justin Brayton practice start.IMG_009614 Justin Barcia trying to keep his JGR Yamaha power to the ground leaning forward.IMG_010015 This is what happens when you stand too close to a practice start.IMG_010916 Talledega from a fans perspectiveIMG_012917 Ryan Dungey getting bucked in a corner in the late afternoon of Glen HelenIMG_013418 The Sleeper Jason Anderson looked strong all day on his Husqvarna FC450 IMG_975636 Andrew Short returning to racing and eye balling some sections before practice IMG_976238 Cooper Webb making some time for his fans at the FMF tent.IMG_976939 Fans lining up for the first moto of the day.IMG_977640 Mother and daughter heading through the tunnel in lue of moto 1.IMG_978241 Talledega is the first corner and fans patiently wait to hear the roar of the 450s come through.IMG_979543 IMG_979644 IMG_980145 IMG_980746 IMG_980847 IMG_981248 IMG_981549 IMG_982050 IMG_983051 IMG_983252 IMG_984453 IMG_986454 IMG_989756 IMG_991257 IMG_992258 IMG_992759 IMG_993860 IMG_994461 IMG_996262 The track was not the only thing packed out. Pits were full of fans especially around the DA8 FMF booth for the Destry Abbott KX500 bike raffle.IMG_996463 IMG_997164 IMG_997365 IMG_998866 IMG_999267

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