Kurt Caselli returned to WORCS racing for his ‘local’ round Sunday and probably wondered why he ever left. He took the lead just before the halfway mark and then pulled away to a monstrous lead. He led a very impressive KTM train that included Mike Brown in second, Brenden Ritzman in fourth and Justin Soule in fifth. The only rider to break up the orange tide was JCR’s Tim Weigand, who actually led the early laps. Weigand was holding off Jimmy Albertson and Brown until he crashed hard on a pavement transition. Albertson then led a few laps, but he seemed to be struggling with bike issues. After that, It was all Caselli.
      The course was considered very difficult by most of the riders. As usual, the EnduroCross section took its toll, made even more difficult because the riders ran through a mud hole just before the tires and logs. That made their tires so slippery that virtually every rider in the field crashed or bobbled there at one time or another. But the hardest section was a one-mile canyon that Glen Helen had never before run in any race. It was a first-gear, rock-strewn single-track that combined with the 95-degree temperatures to make even strong riders suffer in the late stages of the race.
Unofficial Pro Results, WORCS Glen Helen:

1. Kurt Caselli (KTM)
2, Mike Brown (KTM)
3. Tim Weigand (Hon)
4. Brenden Ritzman (KTM)
5. Justin Soule (KTM)
6. Taylor Robert (Kaw)
7. Bobby Garrison (Hon)
8. Destry Abbott (Kaw)
9. Damon Huffman (Kaw)
10. Josh Strang (Suz)
11. Robby Bell (Kaw)
12. Colton Udall (Hon)
13. Jamie Lanza (Kaw)
JCR’s Tim Weigand pulled the holeshot and led until he crashed. He still finished on the podium.
Mike Brown is a legit off-road guy. He’s tough and fast for the whole race.
Weigand was the only Honda to break up a KTM train.
Brenden Ritzman has come up through the ranks as a WORCS rider. He was fourth.
Destry Abbott survived several crashes but was passed at the finish line by Bobby Garrison..

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