Travis Bright got to be one of the first riders to test the production YZ450F
We just spent two days at Budds Creek motocross track riding and enjoying Yamaha’s new YZ450F. By now you’ve heard all about it. Aside from fuel injection and a new twin-beam frame, the cylinder is canted to the rear with the intake in front and the exhaust in the rear. This bike is very different than any other 450 motocross bikes on the market and we’ve been dying to ride it from the first mention.
      Out on the track the bike feels very light and corners very well. That’s the main point of having the new engine configuration. By keeping the heaviest parts of the bike near the center, it should make the entire package more maneuverable. The theory seems to have merit.
      Yamaha finally gave up on its trademark five valves per cylinder. This was an innovative concept 10 years ago, but limited possibilities in head design–it was basically too crowded in the combustion chamber.  Between the four-valve head and the new ‘Tornado’ style exhaust pipe, which goes in a loop to increase the length of the pipe, we wondered how the new bike would run. No worries. Low to mid power is excellent with decent pull on top. The throttle response of the EFI is instant, making it feel like the throttle is directly connected to the rear wheel.
      So far after two days aboard the YZ450F at Budds Creek, we like the bike and love all the features. But we can only say so much after a short test period on an unfamilar track. We’ve learned over the years that all bikes seem like magic when we have nothing for comparison. We’re very anxious to get our 2010 YZ450F on the 10th of October and start riding and testing at our familiar tracks to really get a feel for how the machine handles and how it stacks up against ‘normal’ 450s. We’ll post everything right here.
So far, the YZ450F is living up to it’s expectations. We’ll know more in early October.
Yamaha invited the U.S. press to Budds Creek for the chance to ride something really new.

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