The town of 29 Palms is mostly about Marines. The largest USMC base in the world is there, and the town itself is actually like a small suburb. But once a year, the civilian population explodes when the Maxxis Big 6 series sets up what looks like a motorhome convention just east of town. That’s where the Hilltoppers MC sets up camp for its famous GP, which is now in its 42nd year. This year’s event was unofficially held in memory of long-time Hilltoppers president Mark Slater who passed away this year.

DSC_2026 copyThe Pro race was action packed from start to finish . Eric Yorba was close to all the action.

Robby Bell lost the lead to a last lap crash. That never happens.

Two-time Big 6 Pro champion Eric Yorba did exactly what he did last year at this event. He won, but he had to go through some very tough competition to do it. His main problems were Ox Motorsports rider Zach Bell, who won the last two big 6 events, Fast House’s Blayne Thompson, who won the first one of the year, and WORCS number one plate holder Robby Bell of Precision Concepts. The pro class was stacked. Yorba put his Maxxis RPM KTM in the lead at the very start and started turning in fast laps. Blayne Thompson, on the other hand, was forced to drop out on the very first lap, making Yorba’s job just a little easier. Another factor in his favor was the course, which couldn’t be any more different from the supercross and motocross tracks where Zach Bell made his name. This is the fastest and most desert-oriented terrain in the whole series.

Trevor Stewart is getting closer to a win every week.

As the race unfolded, the only two riders who were more or less keeping up with Yorba were JCR rider Trevor Stewart and Robby Bell. Bell passed Stewart and started making slight gains on Yorba. With one lap to go, Robby Bell moved into the lead. It only lasted a few minutes, though. Robby fell and was unable to get back into the race. The win went to Yorba, with Stewart second, Zach Bell third, Mark Samuels fourth and Michael DelFante fifth.

It was probably the fastest race in Zach Bell's life. He adapted quickly and earned third.
It was probably the fastest race in Zach Bell’s life. He adapted quickly and earned third.
Brad Goolsby and Steve Herstad shared the holeshot in the Vet Expert wave of the WCGP. In the end, Jeff Trulove was the top vet in 14th overall.
ATV/UTV legend Beau Baron is the reigning Pro 2 champion and current points leader. At this race he had to settle for third behind Nick Stover and Chance Fullerton.
Eric Yorba can add another 29 Palms to his resume, but the points lead is still in the hands of Zach Bell.
Eric Yorba can add another 29 Palms win to his resume, but the points lead is still in the hands of Zach Bell.

DSC_2089 copy Yep dust is always a factor but Robby Bell managed to get through it and charge into the lead only to tuck the front-end on the last lap resulting in a DNF.

DSC_2034 copyNick Stover is on fire lately ! At 29 Palms he had his TM Racing machine pinned and came away with the Pro 2 class victory.

DSC_2113 copy

Mix water and dirt instantly you have a fan favorite spectating area. Eric Yorba, Robby Bell, Mitch Anderson and Zac Bell show us why.

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