Photos by Diahann Tanke
Jonny Walker took the win on his 2-stroke Beta 300RR.


In a total shocker, Beta’s Jonny Walker dominated the night with a huge win going 1-1-3 for the night. This was the first 2-stroke machine to win an EnduroCross in years. Cody Webb came back into the limelight with a strong night on his Sherco machine, finishing second overall with moto scores of 3-4-1.


After a lackluster first round, Cody Webb rebounded with a strong ride in Redmond, Oregon. He finished second on the podium.


Ryder LeBlond, Husqvarna mounted  had a stellar night on the EnduroCross floor going 9-2-2 for a third overall. Husky’s number one pilot Colton Haaker struggled after a second in moto one finishing with a 5th and 6th in the final two motos.

Ryder LeBlond had his best finish in EnduroCross with a third overall.


Webb set the fastest hot-lap time of 56.653 seconds to earn the first gate pick for the first of the three main events. FMF KTM’s Trystan Hart was second fastest with Walker third. Hart had a rough night, a second moto DNF gave hm the last gate pick the final. Trystan was able to score fourth by the end of the race to salvage a top-10 overall finish.

Colton Haaker has yet to find the magic, finishing fourth overall after a 5/6 score in motos two and three.


Walker easily took the overall win for the evening with a low score of five points. Webb was second with eight points, and LeBlond edged out Haaker for the final podium spot with a tiebreaker better finish in the final moto. Haaker finished fourth overall and Blazusiak rounded out the top five. GASGAS Factory Racing’s Taddy Blazusiak tallied 8-3-5 moto scores for a top-five overall on the night and he continues to sit atop the championship leaderboard early in the series.

Trystan Hart had a mechanical issue in moto two, which killed his chances of a podium finish.


Taddy Blazusiak still hold the championship lead by a mere 3 points.


  1. Jonny Walker (Bet) 1-1-3
  2. Cody Webb (She) 3-4-1
  3. Ryder LeBlond (Hus) 9-2-2
  4. Colton Haaker (Hus) 2-5-6
  5. Taddy Blazusiak (GG) 8-3-5
  6. Max Gerston (GG) 6-8-7
  7. Cooper Abbott (She) 4-9-9
  8. Ty Cullins (TM) 7-6-11
  9. Trystan Hart (KTM) 5-16-14
  10. Nick Thompson 12-11-8
Overall Championship Standings
1. Taddy Blazusiak, 46 points
2. Jonny Walker, 43 points
3. Trystan Hart, 37 points
4. Ryder LeBlond, 33 points
5. Colton Haaker, 33 points




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