Beta has just announced the the new 2022 Evo Factory Edition Trials bikes. This following is the official word from Beta:

Beta presents the most high-performance version of the EVO family yet – the new 2022 Evo Factory. Working in close collaboration with the Beta Factory Team riders Matteo Grattarola, Lorenzo Gandola, Sondre Haga, and Aniol Gelabert, the R&D division of Beta has continued the development to improve the Rideability of the model range while offering a continued level of high performance. The result is a machine that can compete not only at the Clubman level but also at the highest level of Trial GP. With five models to choose from in both 2 and 4 stroke offerings, Beta has a complete range to suit any trials rider



Magnesium crankcase with black finish: featuring a particularly eye-catching design, these cases significantly reduce weight while improving the overall agility of the bike.
Titanium head pipe: increases performance over the standard model while also reducing weight. (125 has a different head pipe)
Machined clutch discs: created specifically to maximize clutch precision and controllability in every possible situation and make even the most advanced repetitive tricks easier to manage, such as the rear wheel hops typical of today’s riding style – ensuring extreme precision every time.
Cylinder with optimized transfer port geometry: provides added torque along with improved responsiveness without compromising the overall power delivery.
Head with dedicated volume and squish band: updated compression ratio to match the Factory’s cylinder configuration. The red paint finish adds to the “factory” look of the bike.
Optimized engine control unit maps: improves the outstanding low-end grunt without sacrificing power at mid to high engine speeds.
Black anodized engine oil filler plug.


The 4-stroke Factory model also benefits from a series of upgrades relative to the standard EVO version. The electronic control unit now operates at a higher power rating, which translates to improved spark stability and improved combustion at all engine speeds. In keeping with its more potent engine, the EVO Factory is also equipped with a lightweight performance titanium silencer.

’22 Evo Factory 300 2-Stroke Engine

’22 Evo Factory 300 4-Stroke Engine



2-Stroke & 4-stroke

Front fork and rear shock with compression and rebound adjustability: provides the rider with the ability for more fine-tuning of suspension balance. The front fork also provides adjustment of the spring preload.
Progressive linkage: the configuration of the rear suspension progressive linkage is optimized to ensure maximum traction and superior feel.
Triple clamps machined from billet alloy with gold anodized finish: more rigid with added strength, these triple clamps also feature adjustable handlebar mounts that provide the rider the ability to move the handlebars forward or back to suit their riding style.
Lanyard kill switch
Chain adjusters, handlebar end plugs, and footpegs with black anodized finish: these are long-lasting, lightweight components, while the non-slip steel pins on the footpegs ensure maximum grip.
Red silicone cooling hoses: provides improved cooling performance.
Galfer racing brake discs: these discs combine superior braking power with extremely lightweight, which contributes to reducing unsprung mass.
BrakTec brake and clutch master cylinders: more progressive feel
Rear brake caliper with anti-vibration system for pads.
Excel Oro wheels: finished in a gold anodize to complete the Factory look while providing superior strength.
Michelin X-light tires: for unparalleled grip in every situation.
New graphics: the 2022 EVO Factory boasts a red, blue, and white colors scheme, which is complemented by the red hydroformed frame with the black and gold details to create a no-compromise racing look.


Late March 2022


Beta Evo factory Editions are a limited production model so riders interested in securing one are encouraged to reach out to their local Beta USA dealer to leave a deposit.


Evo 125 Factory $7,999.00

Evo 200 Factory $8,399.00

Evo 250 Factory $8,599.00

Evo 300 Factory $8,799.00

Evo 300 Factory 4-Stroke $8,999.00

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