Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I’ve been a faithful reader of Dirt Bike Magazine since time immemorial when chaletons with last names like Krause and Talbot sullied your pages with their claims to “know it all.” Up until this time, I have known it all and never felt the need for council.

My query involves the 2021 oil-injected Beta 300. I can only eke out 42 miles of singletrack before it runs out of fuel. If I ride carefully and just stick to fire roads, I can get 50ish miles per tank full. Can you shed some light on why a bike that runs flawlessly, shows a rich chocolate brown on the plug and, yes, does receive proper air filter maintenance gets fuel mileage commensurate with a 2021 500-horsepower Corvette? I know, the ’Vette isn’t as much fun on the trail.

But, in the DB test of the 2020 model, essentially the same bike, you guys were getting around 40 miles before hitting reserve and 55–60 miles per tank. I typically short-shift and almost never stretch the throttle cable while riding mostly slower Arizona desert singletrack. I don’t flog it in the short, sandy transfer sections. Like the DB staff, I purchased and installed a Smart Carb. That purchase increased my range by a whopping 2 miles per tank. I’ve had the bike since it was new and have accumulated 3000 otherwise trouble-free miles. The only glaring fault with the Beta is the fuel mileage. It’s pretty bad when your bike runs out of gas before its 60-year-old rider does.

Please lend insight, and thanks for the memories.
Rich “The Battlestar” Galaska
via [email protected]

Rich, an interesting inquiry, painted with a heinous slur and an unforgettable spelling error. You tagged Krause and Talbot “chaletons,” which I believe is your version of “charlatan,” as in a fraud, cheat or con artist. Rondo most definitely fit that description, but Mr. Krause was always above board, though short with vapid missives.

As far as the fuel mileage disparity with your machine and ours, this is a head-scratcher. I do not believe you have an actual issue with your machine. Initially, I thought float level, but with your Smart Carb install, that disqualifies that theory. We put over 200 hours on that machine and were graced consistently with 40 to 50 miles before hitting reserve in woods-riding-only scenarios. One of the factors could be our test rider. Ryan is an expert trials rider, and you could take the main jet out of his bike and he could still ride an entire loop. His physique is on lean side of the menu, too. He’s a buck-forty soaked to the bone, wears the same Levi’s he wore in the seventh grade, and has a corrugated steel stomach that looks like it’s been Photoshopped.

This is not a slight on your physique or ability. Ryan is small, light and incredibly efficient on a machine.  If your plug is burning perfectly and there are no fuel overflow issues, my thoughts meander towards fitting a larger fuel tank. IMS makes a 3.5-gallon unit for Beta Accessories, and it is slim and uses the stock shrouds. I invite other Beta owners to join this conversation on fuel range. Good luck, and we’re all counting on you!

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