The Alta Motors Electric motocross bike made its debut at the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida this week. This is a machine that was first previewed three years ago under the BRD name. Now, with a new name and a completely different focus, the machine is ready for production. The first units will be delivered in the second quarter of 2015 to a few optimistic buyers who already placed deposits. The price will be $15,000.

The designers set a goal to be competitive with a 250cc four-stroke motocrosser, and they say they have surpassed that with the help of Pro motocross test rider Kris Keefer. The range is said to be more than enough to last a full moto and the recharge time is short enough to be ready for a second moto within a few hours. The total bike’s weight is around 250 pounds. It uses WP suspension and other full-size motocross components.

Stay tuned for more information. Alta has promised to have demo units ready for testing before April 2015.Altaweb

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