It seems that Europe is the hot spot for two-stroke development now. TM is a small Italian company that imports limited numbers to the U.S., and the mainstays of the line are its two-stroke models. We just got photos and details of the 2013 line. The 125 TM already had an electronic power valve, and the new model gets:
A repositioned crankcase reed.
A new airbox manifold.
A new filter cage
New ignition and exhaust valve maps.
A new piston
New crank bearings.
New HGS pipe and silencer
The 144 engine gets all that along with a new cylinder and head.
All TM models will have a Kayaba fork as an option.
The 85, which we have previously seen, has an all-new motor with an aluminum frame–the latter is a first for a production 85.
We have few details on the 250 and 300 two-strokes. They haven’t yet received the new electronic power-valve, but already were considered very powerful.
For more information, contact Motoman Imports, (909) 608-0082
TM will import the 144 in both Enduro and MX trim.
We have very little information on the new TM300, but we know it’s a very powerful bike from past experience.

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